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09 grind enrol advisory meeting interview: Chongqing Normal University the first
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Honored guest: Chongqing Normal University grinds action do a vice director to resemble a teacher

Compere: What do circumstance of recruit students change and characteristic course have 9 years?

Resemble a teacher: The school had authorization of Master of course of 5 one degree 2009, dot of accredit of 45 master's degree recruits Master graduate student, predict to recruit 510. Our school has discipline of key of 11 city class, basically distributing in language of maths, China literature, pedagogic, history, biology, geographical wait for course. Every annals takes an examination of a number to compare much major basically is the English language literature of foreign language institute, sign up for collection comparing to be in probably 2.5: 1.

Compere: Does excuse me the school attend a graduate student to fostered a mechanism to reform?

Resemble a teacher: My school is not the graduate student fosters a mechanism to reform pilot unit at present, but the school already prepared actively in what make this field. There still is quota of people of at public expense now, those who occupy modulus of compasses of recruit students of national make known to lower levels 75% the left and right sides, the first volunteer examinee that the school admits can enjoy at public expense.

Compere: The obtain employment circumstance of the school how?

Resemble a teacher: The obtain employment case of my school graduate student is very good, rate of one-time obtain employment amounts to 05 class 75% . The main whereaboutldirection of graduate student obtain employment is college and scientific research unit, still have official of partial pass an entrance examination or take an examination of on doctor, go to an enterprise of obtain employment also have.

Compere: In advisory meeting site, what is the problem that examinee pays close attention to quite?

Resemble a teacher: Main concentration enters oneself for an examination in at public expense, major admit proportional problem to go up.

Compere: Speak to 09 examinee please

Resemble a teacher: The student of cordial welcome whole nation enters oneself for an examination our Chongqing Normal University.

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