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09 grind enrol advisory meeting interview: Engineering courses of Chongqing traf
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Honored guest: Graduate student of Chongqing traffic college department head assistant Mr. Zhang

Compere: 2008 circumstance of graduate student recruit students

Mr. Zhang: Chongqing traffic university is the unit that Chongqing city has doctoral recruit students 7 times to counterpoise, master recruit students planned our school last year is 530 people, the course class of our school basically is centered in labour to learn, tubal a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, law 4 class, among them most the engineering course that distinctive is us is professional, if building builds institute, river sea institute, traffic carriage institute,wait for relevant major.

Have the key discipline of 7 Chongqing city, main concentration learns class in labour. The builds development comparison of course is fast, after becoming doctoral accredit unit 2006 especially, the construction of a few course related the professional kind that follows a doctor, obtained greater progress, recruit students this, we also are about to become this year have choose the college that exempts a qualification.

Compere: What does the problem that spot examinee pays close attention to have?

Mr. Zhang: It is the care enters oneself for an examination the seniority of major and course, 2 it is attention adviser state of affairs, in my school graduate student the webpage of the ministry (Http:// go up, have introduction of detailed adviser state of affairs. 3 it is scale of care at public expense, the scale of at public expense of Master graduate student was my school about 2008 80% . Also be at the same time a variety of scholarship are offerred in school graduate student, fellowship enclothes a face to be in 60-70% .

Compere: Ask Mr. Zhang to speak to the 09 examinee that for reference

Mr. Zhang: The country teachs the activity of online organization in acknowledgment, every time we have attend, results quite abundant.

Enter oneself for an examination to preparation above all all examinee of the graduate student, they make such choice on life road, to the education of themselves and country the enterprise is told, be worth affirmation very much, examinee is the most important is the actual strength that wants him foundation and the major that the hobby chooses to suit his course, coming is not popular major and course then, I feel is not very important, because be in,any industries should pay his effort to be able to obtain good result only.

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