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Jiangxi saves notice of recruit students of graduate student of Master of 9 year
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  Jiangxi province wise move does about Master graduate student signed up 2009 announcement

Collect data signing up for comprehensive, accurate, efficient ground, go to the lavatory greatly examinee, information of sufficient implementation is shared, simplify the management that take an examination of Wu, entrance exam of Master graduate student continued to execute a net to report name and spot to confirm the pattern that is united in wedlock 2008. Ask extensive candidate for an entrance examination to pay close attention to Ministry of Education, dot signing up and recruit students unit to concern recruit students general rules and announcement. Concern my province item of exam signing up to announce as follows now:

One, flow signing up:

1, login to appoint a website to fill in inside the time that the examinee that every chooses to sign up in Jiangxi area must provide in Ministry of Education accurate information signing up.

The net reports a time:

① , in October 2008 10- - 31 days (9: 00-22: 00) exceed the time limit does not accept make a supplementary report, also must not amend examinee information again.

② , in September 2008 18- - 24 days (9: 00-22: Graduate of 00) this year's undergraduate course can sign up ahead of schedule (after spot of classics of information signing up affirms effective)

2, the user name that when examinee uses a net to report a function, needs to be registered freely by oneself and password login; Examinee should fill in according to the facts oneself information signing up, if have false, responsibility conceit. During signing up on the net, examinee can have individual news signing up by user name and password revise, but exam means, the first volunteer school cannot be revised, if need to revise, ask examinee to register user name and password to fill in afresh information signing up.

3, the information of examinee fill in a form and submit it to the leadership, in affirm without by accident hind refer, person number signing up and place choose accurate minute book enter oneself for an examination dot, arrive in formulary time enter oneself for an examination the dot undertakes the spot affirms.

4, examinee by date signing up and oneself effective identity document arrives enter oneself for an examination dot spot affirms the net reports an information (the spot must not undertake entering oneself for an examination of information revise) , pay cost and take a picture, specific arrangement sees announcement of dot signing up.

① , spot acknowledges time: In November 2008 10-14 day.

② , examinee must hold him effective identity document affirms to the spot information is reached collect image, do not get acting reply.

③ , examinee holds id card (the serviceman is held " officer testimony " , " card of civil service cadre " wait for army effective identity document) , certificate of record of formal schooling (graduate of this year's undergraduate course supports average college and adult college student's identification card) report a number with the net, undertake to dot signing up the spot affirms.
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