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09 grind enrol advisory meeting interview: Dimensions of Chongqing college recru
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Honored guest: Chongqing college graduate school is standing assistant dean Zheng Xiaolin

Compere: Talk about Chongqing university please the circumstance of recruit students change 2009.

Mr. Zheng: 2009, above all, from the Master unripe recruit students plans to tell, on dimensions we have certain amplification. The 2nd, we take a graduate student seriously to develop mechanism innovation very much, increased subsidize a range, emphasize an adviser at the same time to the student aid financially, still have the assessment mechanism of dynamic fellowship additionally. We begin to execute a graduate student to foster a mechanism to reform from 8 years, execute a circumstance to come first-rate.

9 years, our traditional advantage course continues to maintain better recruit students momentum, for instance enginery, computer kind, electric subclass, information kind, manage kind, economy kind the current that keeps better all the time.

Whole scientific research has our school very big improvement, the task of class of adviser province ministry is more, the initiative that the adviser takes a graduate student is very rising, because this created better academic condition to the graduate student. Include 211 3 period already formal project approving, the meeting is right original key course continues to aid financially, law course can get more aiding financially, we return what increase pair of foundation course at the same time to aid financially strength, this says natively to taking an examination of is a good news.

Compere: About the circumstance of fellowship, you whether introduce in detail?

Mr. Zheng: Fellowship parts corresponding Master is born and the doctoral student is installed. Unripe to the Master, the first, we expanded to subsidize a range; The 2nd, the forehead of fellowship is spent increase somewhat; The 3rd, the adviser has funds to aid financially to outstanding student union; The 4th, set 3 aid post, namely " aid grind, assistant, aid a canal " . Additional, to impoverished student we set special green channel.

Compere: Ask you when to say to enter oneself for an examination the note of Chongqing university.

Mr. Zheng: Above all, chongqing present development is better and better, the candidate for an entrance examination that welcomes the whole nation comes Chongqing study.

The 2nd, graduate student exam is book exam not just, raised tall requirement to integrated quality, our second-round exam strength also is being increased, obtain employment is higher and higher also to the requirement of integrated ability quality. So examinee should use all sorts of opportunities of phase of good undergraduate course, improve oneself integrated quality.

Compere: When has been connection compared with the adviser?

Mr. Zheng: Classmates can understand the adviser's situation through the network first, after having certain knowledge, go further contact. Each channel such as net of education of the website that examinee can adopt the school, academic website, China will understand the situation of relevant major and adviser, choose an adviser according to the individual's development and circumstance again. Institute of our school part is to enter school hind to decide an adviser again.
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