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09 grind enrol advisory meeting interview: The key advantage course such as canv
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Honored guest: Office of recruit students of Sichuan academy of fine arts Mr. Wu
Circumstance of 9 years of recruit students and characteristic course circumstance
Mr. Wu: The art that my school is approval of classics Ministry of Education learns dot of accredit of master's degree of one degree course, recruit art to learn at present, the master's degree graduate student that design art learns to reach broadcasting television art to learn major of course of 3 2 degree, art learns, design art learns to all be provincial key course, 119 people of Master unripe adviser. The course of key advantage characteristic that canvas, sculpture and decorate art design is my school, additionally major of animation of movie and TV is the major with development first-rate foreground, institute of animation of movie and TV is approved to be a talent to develop area of mode innovation experiment by Ministry of Education, animation major is approved to be major of characteristic of the first batch of colleges and universities to build a point.
School recruit students acts on quality to attach most importance to, the principle with measurable dimensions, predict 9 years to recruit 180 people left and right sides, increase somewhat than last year, enter oneself for an examination the number all is controlled nearly two years in 900 people.
Study a situation toward annals
Mr. Wu: Will look from 8 years, we obtain national line on line number is 290 much people, recruit students plans 173 people, according to the second-round exam scale that Ministry of Education sets, 240 much people attended a second-round exam, source of student is enough, we still adjusted 50 many examinee to be admitted by other school outside.
As standard of living rise stage by stage, people also rises ceaselessly to beautiful pursuit, also increase ceaselessly to the demand of artwork, artwork investment market is quite hot, and artistic examinee dimensions is very giant, the recruit students source of student of a few years of schools should be very so enough after the likelihood.
Artistic kind can major receive the candidate for an entrance examination that crosses major?

Mr. Wu: Can. We do not restrict the examinee of other major to enter oneself for an examination now. A lot of those who learn law, the examinee that learns a foreign language can enter oneself for an examination our school.

What does examinee of advisory meeting site pay close attention to most?

Mr. Wu: Enter oneself for an examination the likelihood with the afraidest examinee of my school is English of all take an examination ofing, because will tell English to artistic examinee likelihood appreciably is a few more fragile, all takes an examination of the eligible mark line of course to unite delimit by Ministry of Education, annual because English, politics did not obtain national line and a lot of examinee cannot enter a second-round exam.
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