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The Fujian Province notice of recruit students of graduate student of Master of
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   Announcement of office of council of recruit students of Fujian Province colleges and universities

1, examinee proper motion lands Http of website of recruit students of Chinese graduate student through the website: / / or Http: / /, the clew that presses website signing up and requirement fill in according to the facts, refer oneself to sign up information.

2, time signs up on the net: Came 31 days on October 10, 2008 everyday 9: 00 to 22: 00, during this examinee can sign up or revise him net to sign up for information. (Graduate of this year's undergraduate course can sign up beforehand ahead of schedule, time is came 24 days on September 18, 2008, everyday 9:00-22:00) . Of two phase sign up to all be sign up effectively.

3, before examinee signs up, should consult carefully to do about province action, enter oneself for an examination the recruit students information such as the announcement of unit of dot, recruit students, enter oneself for an examination according to what oneself choose at the same time unit, right choice enters oneself for an examination dot.

4, recommend avoid try, strong army when signing up on the net of 5 kinds of examinee such as plan of key member of Master of education of plan, aid Tibet plan, country, minority, need asks for desired result code to relevant section, of different exam means examine the code cannot mix use. Undertake with the corresponding period of other candidate for an entrance examination the net reports name and spot to confirm information signing up without fail.

Note: Network of different exam fashion reports what renown desired result piles up to get means to differ: Recommend among them avoiding the desired result that tries examinee to pile up is by examinee place college extends; Enter oneself for an examination strong army the desired result of the examinee of the plan is piled up by the recruit students unit that receives a qualification is in charge of extending; Enter oneself for an examination the desired result code of examinee of aid Tibet plan extends by Tibetan exam courtyard; Enter oneself for an examination desired result of examinee of rural education Master is piled up by recommend a school to extend; Enter oneself for an examination the desired result code of examinee of plan of minority key member gets way: Him examinee fills in " enter oneself for an examination 2008 " talent of backbone of minority high administrative levels plans " registration form of examinee of Master graduate student " (express one type triplet originally: Teach action of place or ethical education department, province high to do, recruit students unit each keep) hind, to the place education of nation of province education office is in or higher education is in affix one's seal of examine and verify, save recruit students to do branch of graduate student recruit students to get desired result stack to the place next.
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