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09 grind enrol advisory meeting interview: Actual strength of course of Chongqin
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Honored guest: Chongqing medical university grinds action manage Director Li Wei

Compere: Introduce the fundamental condition of Chongqing medical university please

Director Li: Original name of Chongqing medical university Chongqing college of medicine, 1956 by Shanghai the first college of medicine (show Fudan University college of medicine) the Lai Yu that divide change is established and become, 1985 more show a name. School Ceng Li belongs to Ministry of Public Health, Sichuan to save people government, show be subordinate to to belong to government of Chongqing city people. Through construction of 50 years and development, already became to have " bachelor, Master, doctor, postdoctoral " system of complete talent education and have course of key of class of ministry of course of key of level of a batch of states, province, key laboratory, institute (room) the Chongqing city that waits for scientific research base belongs to key university.
The school covers an area of a face to accumulate 2.97 million square metre, floor area 950 thousand square metre. The school has total value of equipment of education, scientific research, medical treatment 983 million yuan, collect books more than 123 (contain electronic books) . Set fundamental college of medicine, clinical institute, the 2nd clinical medicine courtyard, pedology courtyard, stomatology courtyard, nurse institute of pharmaceutical college of institute, traditional Chinese medical science, communal sanitation, pharmaceutical college, ; Accessary polyclinic 2, children hospital 1, accessary stomatological hospital 1, all wait for a hospital for 3 stage shell; Hospital of town of accessary the 3rd hospital, accessary college is preparing to construct level. Accessary hospital shares open hospital bed more than pieces 5000, year outpatient service measures 5.54 million more than person-time, year close treat inpatient one hundred and fifteen thousand two hundred person-time. Blame is straight run 5 accessary hospitals, education reachs 15 exercitation hospitals.

In school student 22 thousand more than person, among them doctor, Master gives birth to a graduate student 3100 more than person, common this, the specialized subject is unripe (high post) 15572 people, lay 4981 people into textbook specialized subject, 493 people of student studying abroad. In on-the-job 4713 name teaching workers, doctor of professor, chairman waits personnel of advanced and professional technology 288 people; The personnel of deputy advanced and professional technology such as doctor of associate professor, vice director 787 people; Instructor, advocate manage the staff of intermediate and professional technology such as the doctor 1561 people. In the teacher selected Ministry of Education " scholar of the Yangtse River and innovation group development plan " 1 person; "Quan Guojie gives professional technology talented person " 1 person; Selected country " project of 1 billion talents " the first, 3 people of person selected of the 2nd administrative levels, "New century project of 1 billion talents " national level person selected 3 people; Selected Ministry of Education " outstanding talent support plans new century " 3 people, "Cross a century outstanding talent " 2 people, "Teacher of backbone of colleges and universities funds a plan " 9 people, "Outstanding youth teacher funds a plan " 7 people; Obtain Huo Yingdong to teach fund of fund of fund youth teacher, young teacher award to fund 4 people; National level, provincial those who have outstanding contribution is medium 15 people of young expert; Chongqing city is hired outside " Ba Yu's scholar hires a professor especially " post 4 people; Personnel of technology of Chongqing city crackajack major personnel of technology of outstanding major of city of 1 person, Chongqing 7 people; Selected Chongqing city " 322 " talent project ground floor second 15 people of 3 people, person selected of the 2nd administrative levels; First Chongqing city learning technical leader first learning of city of 66 people, Chongqing technical leader is mothball person selected 53 people; 31 people of teacher of backbone of the youth in Chongqing city college, selected " Chongqing city colleges and universities is outstanding in young backbone teacher funds a plan " 74 people of pedagogic; 122 experts, professor enjoys a government special allowance.
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