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09 grind enrol advisory meeting interview: Southwest university is encouraged cr
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Honored guest: Office of recruit students of southwest college graduate student Director Chen
Compere: Ask you to introduce the case of graduate student recruit students of next southwest universities
Director Chen: Southwest university is 5 years in July, via approval of Ministry of Education, incorporate by college of former southwest Normal University, former southwest agriculture directly under of established Ministry of Education is omnibus key university.
Course basically reflects the main advantage of our school to learn in educational psychology, agronomy, management, biology. Advanced row is discharged in the whole nation, we have discipline of national level key 5, accredit of one degree course chooses the doctor 9. The Master degree program enclothes a face to involve 11 big kind (outside dividing strategics) , altogether has 165 Masters accredit to nod.
The Master number of full-time is in about 2700, 2800 the left and right sides, the doctor is close to 300 people.
Compere: Did the major of recruit students have change 2009?
Director Chen: Did not change, with 8 years same. Recruit students number somewhat rise.
Compere: Study a situation toward annals how?
Director Chen: Educational psychology major is very annual welcome, our fractional line compares national line tower above 30 minutes or so. Our advantage course basically is such fractional line. Professional newspaper collection compares educational psychology to be able to achieve probably 5: 1. Agronomy, biology is probably 3: 1.
Compere: What does the problem that examinee pays close attention to have?
Director Chen: One is the issue that straddles major, our school is encouraged all the time cross professional examinee to enter oneself for an examination our school, the school relaxes the policy of this respect. Still having a problem is fair at one's own expenses problem, scale of our school at public expense is probably 60% the left and right sides.
Compere: Ask you to introduce to enter oneself for an examination southwest university has what note
Director Chen: Hope examinee is in before entering oneself for an examination, examine our website and recruit students general rules in detail, know recruit students policy in the round.
Prepare well, ad cool-headed take an examination, examinee should prepare actively to be met only very hopeful.

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