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09 grind enrol advisory meeting interview: Obtain employment rate is in Chongqin
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Honored guest: Chongqing engineering college grinds action manage Director Li (on the picture is different 3)

Compere: Introduce case of recruit students of graduate student of Chongqing engineering college please

Director Li: Till our Chongqing engineering college is current, in labour, classics, canal, manage, cure, law 6 large category have graduate student recruit students, at the same time our school has had 16 Master degree programs to be in recruit students.

Our school is given priority to in order to be versed in, our school and combination of Chongqing municipal government ran Chongqing car institute. No matter be,be in Chongqing city from obtain employment foreground and actual strength is very famous, besides we still have discipline of a characteristic: Accounting, it is certain to be had in southwest at present famous degree. The school begins from 4 years, to car project and accounting, throw respectively 15 million and 5 million undertake building. In the meantime, trade of the several manage of my school, classics, computer, humanitarian, electron, industrial and commercial the course construction that waits for an institute and construction of Master degree program obtain right result.

In other respect, we still established chemistry and biology project institute and material science and project institute, on the construction that medicine learns to wait for burgeoning course with material achievement poors like that, obtained social all circles think.

My school is annual it is taller that the index of the at public expense of recruit students is in Chongqing city, will nearly 4 years be in on average 80% the left and right sides.

Obtain employment respect, also be idealer, annual obtain employment rate is in 95% above. From the point of obtain employment market, the graduate student that our school trains got the extensive self-identity of obtain employment market.

We learn to proofread the examinee that crosses major was not restricted, but the course that we cross professional examinee to want to build course of a few main force again after enter a school to the part, learn those who learn to be versed in so for instance, take an examination of later on accounting, so a few course that minor accounting undergraduate course wants after he attends class.

Compere: Does examinee pay close attention to a problem to those a few there are?

Director Li: It is about at public expense and at one's own expenses problem, the 2 funds that are care adviser

Compere: Ask pair of 09 examinee say a few words word

Director Li: Hope you are in the process that should try, ad cool-headed and sober, easy take an examination, strive for the achievement with be taken an examination of good.
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