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09 grind enrol advisory meeting interview: University of Chongqing post and tele
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Honored guest: Office of recruit students of graduate student of college of Chongqing post and telecommunications chapter teacher

Compere: Ask you to talk the recruit students of the school changed 2009 circumstance

Chapter teacher: Change 9 years with 8 years not quite.

Our school develops a world in result of 5 the year's harvest core of the first TD-SCDMA mobile phone that uses 0.13 micron technology chip, had the honor to win colleges and universities of 2005 year China 10 old science and technology make progress, before the Olympic Games, the TD-HSDPA TCN230 that the school develops independently wireless online card, the attestation joining a network that takes the lead in carrying industry and informatization department checks, obtain net license. The whole nation sends two license plate only, we obtained.

Our school still takes pair of diplomacy seriously to shed collaboration very much, for instance 4 couplet groups of we and China signed cooperative education agreement, built long-term yield to learn to grind collaboration concerns. We returned the partial college with a lot of abroad and scientific research orgnaization to build friendly collaboration to concern, annual choose part graduate student abroad university communication learns.

Our school has begun a graduate student 4 years to collect fees the mechanism was reformed, so far, student learning life does not have a problem, and study an atmosphere increasingly grumous, achieved the goal that strenuous study mixes incentive student to be studied assiduously.

Compere: Does all previous annals of the school study a situation how?

Chapter teacher: 8 years the whole nation enters oneself for an examination dimensions is in drop, and our school added 100 much people, explain newsletter industry development is rapidder a few years this, this created good exterior condition to the further progress of my school.

Partial course is put in the phenomenon with lopsided source of student, for instance the major such as law, management and academic physics still needs to adjust, we also do not restrict the examinee that crosses major to enter oneself for an examination.

Compere: Ask you to speak to 09 examinee

Chapter teacher: Yo of the state religion in hoping to pass is online this platform says with countrywide examinee, we all major are received push avoid unripe.

If the student thinks more understanding are OK and direct,call contact us.

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