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Jilin saves notice of recruit students of graduate student of Master of 9 years
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Jilin is saved entrance exam of Master graduate student signed up 2009 notice

Countrywide Master graduate student united entrance exam job signing up to be about to begin 2009, welcome extensive candidate for an entrance examination to enter oneself for an examination I save unit of recruit students of place administer graduate student.

One, the means that job of entrance exam of Master graduate student signing up continued to execute a net to report name and spot to affirm photograph tie 2009 undertakes.

1, sign up on the net: Came 31 days on October 10, 2008 everyday 9:00-22: 00, examinee passes website of recruit students of entry China graduate student (public network network address:; Educational net network address: , the clew that presses website signing up and requirement fill in oneself sign up information, the spot affirms the place saves dot signing up to restrict a condition to choose by Jilin, during the net signs up for examinee can be revised by oneself, corrective share net signs up for information. Exceed the time limit no longer make a report after the event, also must not amend information signing up again.

This year's undergraduate students can sign up ahead of schedule, time is came 24 days on September 18, 2008, everyday 9: 00-22: 00.

Recommend avoid try unripe beard to be piled up by the desired result that recommends school place to extend before October 31 sign up on the net, confirm information signing up with spot of the corresponding period of other candidate for an entrance examination.

2, the spot affirms: The examinee after the net signs up for a success carries him at will coming 14 days on November 10 effective identity document, the certificate of record of formal schooling that is not a this year's graduates and graduate of this year's undergraduate course and adult are this year's the student's identification card of undergraduate course graduate () of certificate of national approbatory undergraduate course is obtained before teaching a student to must affirm date of expiration in spot signing up from examinee and network, the soldier carries officer testimony and net newspaper is the bugle call signing up that all makes, to the province recruit students does designation feature signing up confirms information signing up and pay cost, take a picture. Examinee be sure to according to the facts, fill in seriously information signing up and by the regulation choice spot confirms a place, information of newspaper, wrong to the holiday newspaper, fail to report sth signing up and fault choose the spot to confirm a place and cause what the influence takes an exam and admit, responsibility is assumed by him examinee.

2, sign up for normative Master graduate student reach exam job management, create a fairness, just competition environment to extensive candidate for an entrance examination, we continue to enter oneself for an examination to complete province the dot receives limits of source of student to undertake limitative. Enter oneself for an examination the setting of the dot reachs those who limit a condition to differentiate see accessory.
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