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Recruit students of doctoral graduate student showed Shandong university 2009
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One, Shandong university recruited a country in major of accredit of 189 doctor's degrees 2009 doctoral student of education, self-financing is entrusted outside directional, plan is not inside the plan (the rich that contain large trains a graduate student continuously) . The place in professional catalog lists number of each professional recruit students to offer reference only, the recruit students plan that number of specific recruit students will give my school according to national make known to lower levels and circumstance of each professional source of student undertake be adjustmented appropriately.

2, enter oneself for an examination condition:

1, the leader that supports a Chinese Communist, volunteer service at socialistic modernization, moral character is good, abide by discipline is abide by the law.

2, the personnel that already obtained master's degree (on-the-job application / the person that assiduously study master's degree personnel to did not obtain master's degree, project must be referred to rejoin when qualification test resolution book) ;

This year's Master is graduate (at latest must obtain master's degree before enter a school) ;

6 years of above after obtaining bachelor's degree (contain 6 years, from obtain baccalaureate to arrive the day of doctoral student enter a school) , attend in a advanced studies passes course of Master phase main force 5 above and achievement is eligible, make the staff of outstanding achievement in corresponding scientific research domain, by Master graduate coequal educational level enters oneself for an examination, scientific research respect provides system condition to be:

(1) the examinee of domain of humanitarian society science, nearly 5 years periodical of immanent country core has published at least 10 paper, among them at least 5 are published at journal of national level science; The academic monograph that publishs exorbitant level independently, had obtained the degree that visit a department second-class award above is rewarded (the first author) or had assumed task of scientific research of above of the class that visit a department as compere.

(2) the examinee of science domain, at least 8 paper are published nearly 5 years in core periodical as main author, among them at least 4 are collected by SCI, EI, and had assumed scientific research of above of the class that visit a department as compere project or had obtained science and technology of the class that visit a department to progress as the first author award of second-class award above.

3, examinee of coequal educational level is not gotten interdisciplinary enter oneself for an examination, must add at least try a Master to give birth to trunk course 3 (contain political theory) .

4, enter oneself for an examination the age that the country plans Neiboshisheng does not exceed 45 one full year of life, enter oneself for an examination the examinee age that entrusts education or self-financing is not restricted.
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