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Nanchang university 2009 general rules of recruit students of doctoral graduate
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Dimensions of ◆ recruit students

2009, my school shares 26 major to face the whole nation to recruit assiduously study doctor's degree graduate student. The modulus of each professional compasses of real recruit students and national plan, scale that entrusts education and plan of self-financing recruit students, with in those days number of make known to lower levels of national file approval is accurate. To ensure doctoral graduate student fosters quality, the school sets, tutor of every doctoral student recruits doctoral student number not to exceed 2 people in those days (contain interdisciplinary professional spot recruit students) , the special situation such as project of great scientific research needs to increase those who bring unripe number, must examine and approve through the president agree.

◆ enters oneself for an examination condition

(one) the leader that supports a Chinese Communist, wish to serve for socialistic modernization, moral character is good, abide by discipline is abide by the law;

(2) the record of formal schooling of examinee must accord with one of following conditions:

1, had obtained master's degree;

2, this year's Master is graduate (master's degree must be obtained before enter a school) ;

3, coequal educational level. Examinee of coequal educational level must be obtain bachelor's degree 6 years or 6 years of above (calculate time to be eventually from obtain baccalaureate to arrive the day that admits the enter a school that is a doctoral student) , had finished enter oneself for an examination with place professional and identical or the study of class of attend in a advanced studies of main course of graduate student of close major master's degree (must have letter of complete a course or provide curricular study proof and result by management department of study unit graduate student) , must accord with one of following conditions at the same time:

(1) obtain enter oneself for an examination with place the professional and relevant class that visit a department is second-class reach above to reward (award of progress of science and technology of class of ministry pointing to a province, science award, invention award and social science are outstanding achievement award) , the rank is the first or the 2nd;

(2) become independent or publish on domestic core journal or international journal with the first author enter oneself for an examination with place professional and relevant paper at least 3.

The staff of coequal educational level that acquires second-round exam qualification must be added additionally try class of theory of a common politics (natural dialectics) enter oneself for an examination with two place course of main force of professional Master phase;
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