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Jiangxi Normal University assiduously studied general rules of recruit students
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One, enter oneself for an examination condition

1, the leader that supports a Chinese Communist, be willing to serve for socialistic modernization, moral character is good, abide by discipline is abide by the law;

2, the personnel that already obtained master's degree; This year's Master is graduate (at latest must obtain master's degree before enter a school) ; After obtaining bachelor's degree 6 years or 6 years of above (from obtain baccalaureate to arrive the day of doctoral student enter a school) the personnel that reachs as coequal as Master graduate educational level;

3, the check-up requirement that healthy state accords with my school to set;

4, enter oneself for an examination the age that the country plans Neiboshisheng does not exceed 45 one full year of life, enter oneself for an examination the examinee age that entrusts education or self-financing is not restricted;

5, the associate professor that two our newspaper take an examination of course domain (or quite title) the expert of above is recommended;

6, examinee of coequal educational level and cross professional examinee to enter oneself for an examination must publish on core journal with the first author enter oneself for an examination with place professional and identical or the paper of close an above, sign up for by place take an examination of an adviser to issue the written data that agrees to enter oneself for an examination.

7, serviceman examinee enters oneself for an examination, deal with according to the regulation of the General Political Department of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

2, sign up reach examination time, place

My school doctoral student is annual recruit students. Time signing up: On November 20, 2008 ——12 month 20 days, examination time: In March 2009 the last ten-day of a month.

Exam place: Jiangxi Normal University

3, formalities signing up

1, accord with enter oneself for an examination condition person, undertake the net reports a name (concerned item signs up to see announcement of my courtyard website on the net: / ) . Concerned form is printed after success signing up, and pay cost signing up.

2, after signing up, examinee should be in formulary time is indrawn office of graduate school entrance exam sends my officer (send) following enter oneself for an examination material;

(1) enter oneself for an examination assiduously study registration form of doctor's degree graduate student;

(2) expert recommendation letter;

(3) master's degree certificate (coequal educational level provides baccalaureate letter, this year's Master is unripe offer student's identification card) Xerox. Unripe at latest of this year's Master must fill in the desired result before enter a school photocopy of certificate of neat master's degree;
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