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Fuzhou university 2009 general rules of recruit students of doctoral graduate st
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Fuzhou university is university of construction of key of ” of national “211 project, found 1958, already developed now become be versed in so give priority to, manage, labour, classics, canal, article, law, art the university that much discipline coordinates development.

Enter new century, fuzhou university is devoting oneself to by education dominant model to education research university transforms, make Fuzhou university construction hard have stronger discipline relative dominant position, reflect education research managerial characteristic and open model the strong school of our country southeast of managerial pattern, for our country and economy of Fujian Province place construction, society develops and progress of science and technology makes larger contribution!

The school has discipline of emphasis of a nation, course of key of ” of project of 5 countries “211 builds a project, course of 23 provincial keys. Already had station of 3 postdoctoral flow, doctoral degree program of course of 4 one degree, doctoral degree program of course of 40 2 degree, master degree program of course of 14 one degree, master degree program of course of 103 2 degree, accredit of 3 professional degree is nodded, namely Master of industrial and commercial management (MBA) , legal Master (JM) with project Master (contain 16 engineerings field) .

Doctoral student recruit students was my school 2009, of short duration of number of recruit students of each doctoral degree program does not make specific provision, in admit level, concerned regulation of state of the recruit students plan that my school will amount to according to teaching troops under one's command, source of student, recruit students and situation of first try situation allocate academic recruit students to plan, the institute plans to reach doctoral student recruit students to concern a regulation to draft list of enrollees certainly according to recruit students, head a group by recruit students of school graduate student authorized list of enrollees.

One, enter oneself for an examination condition

1, the leader that supports a Chinese Communist, be willing to serve for socialistic modernization, moral character is good, abide by discipline is abide by the law.

2, the personnel that already obtained master's degree (the personnel that obtains Master major degree enters oneself for an examination my school can enter oneself for an examination only entrust education or self-financing category, do not enjoy a graduate student common fellowship) ; This year's Master is graduate (at latest must obtain master's degree before enter a school) ; Obtain bachelor's degree 6 years above (contain 6 years, from obtain baccalaureate to arrive the day of doctoral student enter a school) the personnel that reachs as coequal as Master graduate educational level.
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