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Xiamen university 2009 general rules of recruit students of Master graduate stud
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Xiamen university was founded 1921 by cacique of famous and patriotic overseas Chinese Mr Chen Jiageng, it is the country that our country is located in a special economic zone exclusively“211 projects ” and“The high level research that key of 985 projects ” builds university. The school is located in the end austral Xiamen city, draw near according to hill the sea, the scenery is pretty, campus environment can says home is top-ranking.

Develop a mechanism for further innovation and perfect graduate student, invoke innovation spirit of the graduate student, raise a graduate student to foster quality in the round, my school will continue to carry out a graduate student to develop mechanism innovation 2009.

On the foundation that my school will allocate funds in existing country, increase capital investment further, as a whole resource, optimize configuration, through raising a graduate student the amount of fellowship, stipend is mixed be benefited face and continue to establish“3 aid ” post (assistant, aid a canal, aid grind) wait for a variety of forms to undertake reward and be aidinged financially to the graduate student, at the same time according to achievement of the study result after graduate student enter a school, scientific research (ability) have trends government to the student of bear the palm, stipend with integrated expression, implement system of brand-new graduate student award, stipend.

One, recruit students dimensions

My school shares this year Master of 189 major and MBA, law recruits Master graduate student 3000 or so (contain push escape unripe, interconnected system examinee and odd examinee number) . The recruit students that each courtyard fastened my school in catalog of recruit students major 2009 plans to consult for each examinee. In admit level, the recruit students that my school will inspect state of source of student, school to develop the circumstance such as need to be fastened to each courtyard plans to make adjust appropriately.

2, eductional systme and in school fixed number of year

Eductional systme 2—3 years. In school fixed number of year 2—5 years (contain suspend one's schooling) . In school fixed number of year it is to show student one's status as a student is in the fixed number of year of school.

3, enter oneself for an examination condition

(one) accept push relieve unripe condition

College of key of directly under of 1, Ministry of Education, “211 projects”, “985 projects”The acquisition of the college is recommended avoid the graduate of this year's undergraduate course that tries a qualification; Or place major is countrywide key course or talent of national base course develops base (abbreviation“Base class”) obtain recommend avoid the graduate of this year's undergraduate course that tries a qualification. (the college of medicine is each major, artistic institute each major receives each major and sports ministry push avoid unripe condition to be able to relax appropriately)
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