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Catalog of major of Master graduate student showed Fujian aricultural university
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1, my school shared 70 many major to recruit 2009 assiduously study master's degree graduate student 800 or so (note: Contain among them recommend avoid try and index of alone recruit students, the recruit students that specific target amounts to with teaching troops under one's command plans to be accurate) , each course, major all faces countrywide recruit students.

2, graduate of this year's undergraduate course, go to the coequal educational level with an undergraduate course graduate and outstanding minority person can enter oneself for an examination, the specific measure that enter oneself for an examination can handle inquiry to recruit students of each district town or seek advice with my school connection directly.

3, examinee of coequal educational level must be the graduate of university specialized subject that the country admits record of formal schooling two years (graduate to admit the day that lays enter a school for the Master from three-year institution of higher learning) or two years of above and the person that reach as coequal as graduate of undergraduate course of colleges and universities educational level. Examinee is needed issue the letter that obtains undergraduate course graduation or rise only in average college or adult the university entrance exam this, or self-study exam undergraduate course paragraph attend in a advanced studies passes or study passes course of undergraduate course main force the effective certify to of achievement of 5 above qualification (must be educational administration branch issue) .

4, the age does not exceed 40 one full year of life commonly. Enter oneself for an examination the personnel age that entrusts education, alone recruit students can relax appropriately.

5, exam course first try regards class of class, 2 foreign language, business for political natural science in all 4. Political theory class, foreign language, maths one, maths 2, maths 3, maths 4 and the maths of agronomy course class (farming) , chemical (farming) , the plant is physiological as physiological as biochemistry, animal execute countrywide couplet to take an examination of with the exam course such as biochemistry, unite proposition by Ministry of Education (my school library has exam outline carry out) , other exam course by proposition of my school proper motion. The examinee of coequal educational level divides the second-round exam that enters unified provision outside, additional beard is added try 2 special training course (undertake when the second-round exam) . The second-round exam is specific matters concerned consults please recruit students general rules.

6, major of alone exam recruit students already had for my school court is full a Master's unripe major, its take an exam all course all by proposition of my school proper motion. Alone exam qualification signing up must graduate 4 years for university undergraduate course the on-the-job staff member of above, its foster the holding cost such as cost to be assumed by oneself by unit or oneself between semester.
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