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University of Jiangxi finance and economics was recruited 2009 assiduously study
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One, develop a target

Foster De Zhi body to develop in the round, solid and broad foundation theory and the technical knowledge with thorough system master on this door course, have independence to be engaged in studying working ability scientificly, the advanced and scientific special handsome appearance of creativity achievement can be made in economic management field.

2, draft recruit students number and study fixed number of year

Plan to recruit a number to be 60, recruit number general actually according to the country the recruit students dimensions of formal make known to lower levels is accurate. Eductional systme 3 years.

3, recruit students is professional

Business affairs of economics of economics of plutonomy, west, cameralistics, industry, information management and information system, electron and electronic government affairs, economy management is decision-making with theory of analysis, government and business management, accounting

Course of adviser of each professional recruit students, exam, referenced material sees the 2nd share.

4, enter oneself for an examination condition

⒈ supports the leader of the Chinese Communist, be willing to serve for socialistic modernization, moral character is good, abide by discipline is abide by the law;

⒉ already won the staff of master's degree; This year's Master is graduate (at latest must obtain master's degree before enter a school) ; After obtaining bachelor's degree 6 years or 6 years of above (from obtain baccalaureate to arrive the day of doctoral student enter a school) the personnel that reachs as coequal as Master graduate educational level;

With the examinee that coequal knowledge competence enters oneself for an examination, already must be in enter oneself for an examination an above paper is published on the countrywide core periodical of course, major or close research domain (with the first or the 2nd author) , or already obtained ministry, provincial above and enter oneself for an examination the scientific research achievement related course is rewarded (before the rank 5) ;

⒊ is healthy, the age does not exceed 45 one full year of life, enter oneself for an examination the examinee age that entrusts education or self-financing is not restricted;

⒋ has two name and enter oneself for an examination the associate professor that course concerns (or quite title) the expert of above is recommended.

5, examinee of coequal educational level is added try course

Maths of political theory, economy, integrated (manage kind) or integrated (economy kind)

6, means signing up
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