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Recruit students of Master graduate student showed Fuzhou university 2009
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One, recruit students number

My school planned about 1450 to face the whole nation to recruit Master graduate student 2009 (contain recommend avoid try unripe) , the file that real recruit students plans number to be amounted to in order to teach troops under one's command is accurate. What major of this recruit students general rules lists an institute in catalog (professional) ” of number of “ recruit students plans to predict recruit students, each institute (professional) number of specific recruit students will be fostered according to major the condition reachs situation of source of student and decide.

2, recruit students category

The Master's unripe recruit students category has blame is directional, directional, entrust the 4 sort such as education, self-financing to fasten, at present my school interconnected system is taken an examination of those who recruit on the Master of line qualification is born all is index of at public expense, its education expenses assumes by country or province finance (note: The Master of industrial and commercial management that attends countrywide couplet to take an examination of and category of legal Master recruit students are uniform to entrust education, self-financing, these graduate students need to foster cost by formulary pay) . If country or my province asked my school undertakes the graduate student develops mechanism innovation 2009, carry out according to ranking concerned regulation.

3, enter oneself for an examination condition

(one) accord with following condition, can sign up the throughout the country that enters national organization unites entrance exam:

Citizen of 1. People's Republic of China.

2. supports the leader of the Chinese Communist, wish to serve for socialistic modernization, moral character is good, abide by discipline is abide by the law.

The record of formal schooling of 3. examinee must accord with one of following conditions:

(1) country admits this year's undergraduate course of record of formal schooling is graduate;

(2) has the personnel of record of formal schooling of graduation of undergraduate course of national approbatory university;

(3) obtains national approbatory high post is high graduate only after record of formal schooling, via 2 years or 2 years of above (from high post tall graduate only on September 1, 2009, similarly hereinafter) , reach as coequal as graduate of university undergraduate course educational level, and the personnel of the specific service call that accords with recruit students unit to put forward to examinee according to the education target of this unit;

The undergraduate course complete a course that the country admits record of formal schooling is born and adult college is this year's undergraduate course is graduate (do not contain from examinee and network education student) ,
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