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Alone 2009 exam assiduously studies Fujian Normal University general rules of ma
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2009, training of education of my school plutonomy, sports learns, Chinese character character learns, literature of Chinese ancient time, China shows contemporary literature, musicology, special history, physical geography learns to wait for 8 course major, can organize recruit outstanding and on-the-job personnel alone exam assiduously studies master's degree graduate student.

One, enter oneself for an examination condition

㈠ supports the leader of the Chinese Communist, wish to serve for socialistic modernization, moral character is good, abide by discipline is abide by the law.

㈡ age is not restricted.

The check-up standard that ㈢ healthy state accords with a regulation [check-up standard consults of formulate of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Health " standard of check-up of recruit students of common colleges and universities " (Http:// carries out] .

㈣ university undergraduate course graduates (except of Party school record of formal schooling) hind, work 4 years continuously in this major or close major or 4 years of above, professional work is outstanding, already had published research paper (the technology reports) or already became business key member, branch of human affairs of classics place unit and two name and enter oneself for an examination professional and identical or close course is had professionally advanced (deputy tall or deputy tall above) the expert of professional technical position is recommended, entrust education for this unit.

㈤ needs those who ask for so that examinee is in branch of unit human affairs to agree; Level of the political expression that examinee is in an unit to answer examinee, foreign language, business and scientific research ability make comprehensive identification, highlight achievement or the candidate for an entrance examination that had made a mistake to having, should provide the data of full and accurate.

Every is in abroad or the university outside the condition or higher education orgnaization assiduously study normal course place to win diploma, all must study abroad through Ministry of Education service center attestation, issue written attestation data when sign up, do not grant to accept otherwise. China studies abroad net network address:

Enter oneself for an examination character of character of plutonomy, Chinese learns, literature of Chinese ancient time, China shows contemporary literature, special history, the person that physical geography learns to wait for 6 major, divide outside having afore-mentioned requirements, still answer dispute school is on-the-job personnel.

Enter oneself for an examination sports education training learns, musicology is professional person, must accord with condition of afore-mentioned ㈠ , ㈡ , ㈢ , ㈣ , ㈤ . The college is on-the-job personnel can enter oneself for an examination, but the age should not be less than 30 one full year of life; Going up likewise below the circumstance of the line, outside school staff is first admit.
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