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Overseas Chinese university 2009 general rules of recruit students of doctoral g
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One, condition signing up

1, the leader that supports a Chinese Communist, be willing to serve for socialistic modernization, moral character is good, abide by discipline is abide by the law;

2, the personnel that already obtained master's degree; This year's Master is graduate (at latest must obtain master's degree before enter a school) ;

3, examinee of coequal educational level, must have: Obtain bachelor's degree 6 years or 6 years of above (from obtain baccalaureate to arrive the day of doctoral enter a school) ; In provincial above 2 are published to comparative on formal science journal the paper of Master level or the book that publish formally; Had repaired place to want to enter oneself for an examination course of professional graduate student of Master of the door and 6 above offers significant result proof.

4, healthy, enter oneself for an examination age of the doctoral student inside national plan does not exceed 45 years old; Enter oneself for an examination appoint earth up or the examinee age of self-financing is not restricted.

5, have two name and enter oneself for an examination the associate professor that course, major concerns (or quite title) the expert of above is recommended.

2, formalities signing up

My school recruits doctoral graduate student to will adopt my school " system of doctoral graduate student signing up " , execute a net to report a name, sign up on the net to enter oneself for an examination only way mixes graduate student of my school doctor surely classics program.

Examinee signs up on the net after ending, by " system of doctoral graduate student signing up " generate " overseas Chinese university examinee of doctoral student recruit students signed up 2009 circumstance registration form " (the following abbreviation " circumstance registration form " ) , after examinee proper motion downloads and be being printed, paste a photograph (the requirement builds official seal) , affirm according to the requirement and sign via branch of human affairs of examinee place unit or archives management department after affix one's seal, along with is following material hands over inside time limit (or mail) grind to my school action do:

1, " expert recommendation letter " two (two name and enter oneself for an examination the expert of the above of deputy tall title that course concerns is recommended) ;

2, front of him without hat a inch of photograph a piece (use at " standard textual criticism " , beard and " circumstance registration form " with version) ;

3, " case of thought politics display is expressed " ;

4, Id photocopy

5, photocopy of certificate of master's degree, record of formal schooling (this year's Master is unripe refer) of photocopy of student's identification card;
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