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Fujian medical university 2009 general rules of recruit students of Master gradu
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One, 39 professional plans recruited my officer 2009 Master graduate student 600. Recruit a number actually to be with the recruit students dimensions of national make known to lower levels accurate, combine each actually line number makes major be adjusted appropriately.

2, each major all admits my officer other school is recommended avoid try unripe, welcome each brother school to recommend outstanding this year's graduates to my school.

3, the data that examinee place provides must true, otherwise once discover, cancel its to enter oneself for an examination instantly qualification or admit a qualification.

4, integrated kind of examination questions:

1, biology is integrated: Cellular biology, element biology, biochemistry.

2, oral cavity is integrated: Surgery of face of jaw of the science inside oral cavity, oral cavity learns, oral cavity repairs go back to school, oral cavity abnormal learns, oral cavity is anatomized physiological.

3, wholesome and integrated: Nutrition and hygiene of professional sanitation and professional medicine, environment, food hygiene, epidemiology.

4, medicine learns integrated: Chemistry of biochemistry, analysis, organic chemistry.

5, management is integrated: Foundation of tubal a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, administration learns, constituent behavior learns.

5, the course major that leads “ ● ” has a doctor's degree to grant right. Teacher full name is inside the bracket after studying way (by research direction sort) , information can consult related the adviser rank of the adviser in job of place website degree introduces my school graduate student.

6, personnel of coequal educational level must not cross major to enter oneself for an examination, and English must be obtained before enter oneself for an examination certificate of conformity of 4 class exam or exam achievement amount to 425 minutes of above, english should be offerred when the second-round exam 4 class certificate or report photocopy and diploma photocopy, original meets test. The beard when the second-round exam adds try course of main force of two universities undergraduate course (biology of biology of physiological, nerve, genetics, cell, oral cavity is clinical medical major adds try: Pathology, immunology; Video medicine and nuclear medicine, surgery learns, department of gynaecology and obstetrics learns, major of guttural science, oncology, anesthesiology adds bazoo of ophthalmology, ear try: Human body anatomy, pathology; Biochemistry and molecular biology, epidemic and sanitation sanitation of statistical, labor and environmental hygiene, nutrition and food hygiene, major of little sanitation and hygiene of women and children, wholesome poisonous a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties adds try: Biology of pathology, cell; Social medicine and wholesome career management add try: Medicine of wholesome law, whole family; The others major adds try: Biochemistry, physiological) .
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