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Like "China wind" has strengthened as teachers believe that with strong Chinese characteristics, a number of Master is on the rise, slowly rise to all the attention. In these professionals, there are the classical tradition, a combination of Chinese and Western, there are "foreign things serve China", and are related to our social, economic and cultural life is closely related in academic research, practical application of all with a strong Chinese personality. Elegant tea distant Small at first, faint aroma, taste and tea through tea art, life, all in one Subway. China's tea culture was born in the Han Dynasty, flourished in the Tang and Song dynasties, between the decline of the Ming and Qing Dynasty, the Today and fashionable in today's prosperity, the Chinese traditional culture is an important part. Slim tea can be. Reading tea this year is a small sea of professional research points to the profession is difficult to give up her feelings: "The first test of this graduate because of love tea that complex and delicate process - pick tea, fried tea the tea, tea, tea ... ... in which people can calm down. then read "tea", I began to understand that by drinking tea and enlightenment, to self-improvement, self-improvement, self-cultivation. current spoken-word Tea specialist usually primary, secondary Tea specialist, we look forward to high-quality, high levels of Tea specialist. " Xiao Lu from the Huazhong Agricultural University, a professional understanding of the tea is more rational: "The world popular health drinks, alcoholic beverages were no longer popular, soft drinks become the beverage world, upstart, and tea drinks is its unique role in health care swept the world, as the representative of a new consumer culture. We also learn professional tea tea, tea processing, tea marketing ... ... I intend after graduation to engage in commodity production and development of tea, hoping to develop more outreach tea products, maybe in the future not only tea, but also the development of milk tea, yogurt, tea, red wine, tea, fruit tea or tea with all the health food. " Recommended Institution: China Agricultural University, Anhui Agricultural University, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Hunan Agricultural University, Sun Yat-sen Main courses: Biochemistry of tea, tea processing and machinery, tea processing and comprehensive utilization of tea cultivation and pest control, green tea, tea production, development and utilization of health tea, tea culture, tea trade school, tea, keeping storage, management tea , treatment with tea cakes and sweetmeats, tea culture, science and other Classical fashion landscape in ancient China Chinese garden art, the pursuit of "though as by the people, Naturalism" realm. Suzhou gardens is one of the outstanding representatives of: the layout of freedom, seamless, like the heavens, and reflects the "Harmony" culture, the performance of a harmony between man and nature of the universe. It is the inner spirit of our national character portrayal. New landscape design is modern service industry, while China is the ancient landscape of professional landscape design professionals formed after China, it is more from the Chinese history, architecture, art and other aspects of the landscape, it will traditional culture , construction techniques, the classical aesthetic into them, is a comprehensive interdisciplinary emerging disciplines. Currently set up the professional school is not much, in general, the professional students in reading before graduation, he was real estate, construction company the first to order, employment prospects are good. This year has just entered the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute of Xiao Wu said: "pay attention to local conditions in ancient China landscape, nature and man, every day exposure to noise of the modern city, more preferred that the classical, the natural landscape." Xiao Wu The science of construction engineering, work for 3 years, decided to apply ancient Chinese graduate students in landscape. "Working in the industry for many years, I deeply realized that a good building must have its own design characteristics, that do not understand the cultural content of imitation follow the trend as there is no vitality. I like Chinese culture, work among the more I found and more and more people began to return to the city, they love the Suzhou gardens, linger in the southern town, hope that their lives have such an environment. So in the Chinese garden landscape design, not only have broad prospects for development, but also to the Chinese culture to promote the art of architecture is a good choice. " Recommended Institution: China Agricultural University, China Forestry University, Huazhong Agricultural University? Northwest Forestry University, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Chongqing University Main Courses: landscape design, urban standard design, landscape planning and design, and foreign landscape history, urban history and theory of modern Western garden design, Chinese classical gardens, residential areas detailed planning integrated curriculum, integrated curriculum landscape design, plant configuration and plant landscaping integrated lessons, landscape design plant cultivation Traditional Chinese Opera Charm Stage is the "Pirates of the blue face Duo Erdui Yuma, red-faced Guan Gong Battle of Changsha, Huanglian of Dian Wei, Cao Cao cop, bad cop named Zhang Fei Cha ... ..."; the audience was packed, cheers continuously. "To form vivid, Vivid," which is the state of the art of Chinese opera. Chinese opera is singing, reading, doing, playing a variety show as the center of dramatic form, has a wealth of means of artistic expression. It requires students in the literary, performing, music, singing, percussion, makeup, facial makeup has a broad understanding of various aspects, the stage through long-term practice, constitute a set of constraints to each other, complement each other and standardization programs metrical. Graduate students in Chinese Opera theatrical performance skills from the course, two aspects of opera culture creation and cultural expertise of Chinese opera. Chinese Opera Research Institute Li was a quiet one girl, gestures of classical charm with elegant style. Hear the reporters praised her, she just quietly smile. In the conversation she told reporters: "Many people say that when the entrance of the external conditions are very good I am, advised me to apply for professional performance or conduct. But the impact may be because their parents, and I grew up interested in Peking Opera, they reported the opera Are you going to the time and I was advised, I would insist reported that a Chinese opera. no way, just love it! Right now I'm female roles, from small to big time performing my favorite is the "package Lung meditation Kaifeng House" out of play a particularly excited to hear it I'm in the stage of life I can show it is missing the despot. " Speaking of employment, Mike tells us that part of the majors to the Theatre (Mission), TV stations, film studios, editing, and the Ministry of Culture Management and other departments engaged in theoretical research, editorial and cultural management, more than that, with the TV , film, theater and other art forms of prosperity, to the performance stage. With the return of traditional Chinese culture, the gradual internationalization, the profession will be more people look good. Recommended Institution: Chinese Opera Institute, Communication University of China, Beijing Film Academy, Hebei University, China People's Liberation Army Art Academy, China Academy of Drama, Shanghai Academy of Drama, Shandong Institute of the Arts Main courses: line of business opera, opera musical instruments, character costumes, drama props, ear training, harmony, singing opera writing, the history of opera music, Chinese music history, the history of Western music, Introduction to Chinese traditional music, music, essay writing Elegant Chinese calligraphy and ink painting in Hong "Painting into the loose snow of the show, the beauty of words such as Hong light" is the pursuit of the realm of Chinese painting and calligraphy. Pay attention to the hidden calligraphy with elegant dignified, free and easy attachment blazing; bird pay attention to "both form and spirit," Landscape pay attention to mood, the so-called "meaning there Vals", "painting Luo Vientiane." Chinese calligraphy and painting the main train professional calligraphy, painting, senior researchers and creators. School students generally are painting a "refined aesthetic heart of" art students, their prospects for employment upon graduation is relatively wide, whether it is engaged in artistic creation or professional, innovative, have a lot of advantages. Most students choose the profession to study abroad and their own businesses, but also college graduates choose to stay in teaching. Hours is a free artist, who has a strong artistic atmosphere. Reporters met him at school when he was consulting Kaoyan matters. When asked about his wish to apply for the professional, hours of excitement that he is actively pro forma postgraduate painting. "A lot of students are more willing to choose the direction of oil and other Western arts professionals that good development prospects of these professions, in fact they do not quite understand the situation in the industry." Since the beginning of hour course to learn oil painting, but the long-term exchanges and the industry communications, professional development hours that trend has now changed, especially the elegant painting of Chinese landscape painting have great market prospects, but the market at present works of painting, different levels, and even some of the works did not show the beauty of Chinese painting. "So I just want to learn the profession." Recommended Institution: China Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Nanjing Institute of the Arts Main courses: drawing, gouache, oil painting, painting, painting, murals, sculpture, art design, Art Studies, Chinese and foreign art history, art theory and foreign Yin and yang of Chinese medicine One of China's national treasures in Chinese medicine, the ancient Chinese philosophy of yin and yang as the theoretical basis, through the look, smell, and asked, cutting combination of all methods, the use of "sweat, spit up, down, and, warm, clear, complement , elimination "and other therapy, the human body to reconcile the yin and yang, and rehabilitation. Graduate student in modern medical technology and modern medical knowledge, and mastery of traditional Chinese medicine, during which to master the basic theories of Chinese medicine and clinical theory, knowledge of the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine prescription, and Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern science and technology related to the basic of modern medicine knowledge, the use of four diagnostic eight principles, hair cut herbs for diagnosis and treatment and so on. Chinese say that yin and yang, natural harmony, Western medicine rely mainly on chemical and biological technology, medicine and Western medicine in the effective combination is great potential for development. "Chinese is a more practical disciplines, so never a lack of people interested." Beijing Medical University, Zhang said. "I used to think the medicine useless, but its a personal experience that changed my view of the past. At one point, some peeling skin from my hand, I think medical school is a normal phenomenon of vitamin deficiency, a point to eat lightly vitamin tablets. a month was nearly over, hand peeling phenomenon was more serious, go to the hospital to see Dermatology, medication, injections to no avail. Helpless, I went to the Chinese, the result less than a week to stop diffusion, and then quickly recovered. because of this incident, PubMed, I hesitate to choose the medicine. " Recommended Institution: China Pharmaceutical University, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing Medical University, Xiamen University, Yangzhou University, Fujian Medical College, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Main courses: basic theory based medicine including Chinese medicine, TCM, in medicine, prescription science, Canon, Treatise on Febrile Diseases, Chinese medical history, etc.; clinical subjects, including Chinese medicine, surgical medicine, TCM gynecology, traditional Chinese medicine Pediatrics, acupuncture, Chinese medicine orthopedic, massage Branch. Total cash Yihe affordable Folk Art Rural flavor honest paintings, exquisite paper-cut and simple, it is the festive Chinese New Year; Quyang Stone, Yan Gu Yi River, Hengshui in the painting, the cultural aesthetic that is simple; comic, comedy, shadow play, rap, live the life that is fun ... ... Chinese folk art is the Chinese people for thousands of years to create and enjoy culture, folk customs and life, it is closely related to, the performance of people's likes and dislikes likes and dislikes. Many folk art masterpieces, are called "Chinese a must." The professional development of personnel, with the system fundamental theoretical knowledge, good aesthetic taste, a sound knowledge structure and a strong artistic design and creativity. They can in the community arts groups, art research institutes, cultural institutions, press and publication departments engaged in teaching, research and management efforts. Credit decorative folk art, edutainment category, wear class, supplies, production class, worship class, residential areas in several directions, each direction has many branches, different customs, they will naturally not the same characteristics. Hebei University of folk art graduate student, said Zhang, "The professional learning is like a day straight Lichtung shuttle Shanghai, charming scenery of the Yangtze River, the magnificent Guangdong, Shaanxi, antique exaggerated. Sometimes free, and make their own A do not have some fun. "and the same class of small blue says," I like to listen to dialogues, from the Ma Sanli old man to the racing season to the current Guo Degang, I like both. to the traditional art of adapting to contemporary public aesthetic taste, creation, discovery of new forms of folk art is our professional responsibility. " Recommended Institution: Central Institute of the Arts, Fudan University Main Courses: Anthropology of Art, Introduction to Chinese Art Anthropology, Introduction to Literary Anthropology, visual anthropology, music, anthropology, folklore introduction, read the classic folk literature, folk literature and literature of the world, the Chinese Literature folk traditions, ancient Chinese folk drama, folk literature in Western history and so on. Gu Yazhuo more Chinese Classical Literature Two thousand five or six hundred years ago, Confucius order "book", note the "ceremony", is "happy" to provide for "poetry" solution "easy" for the "Spring and Autumn", is the first person of Chinese classical philology. Chinese culture has a long history, extensive deep, Guoxue classic hidden history of China's five thousand years of the essence of all wisdom. Not only is it evidence of China's long cultural tradition, but also the stand of the Chinese nation of the world, it is essential to our spiritual power. Classical philology is the study of ancient Chinese classics and finishing the subject, and is therefore the various branches of the ancient culture has a close relationship. Graduate students in key learning of the Ancient Books and Chinese classical philology knowledge, capable of Ancient Books and classical Chinese literature has a comprehensive grasp and understanding of the system. Including the first books and the culture of Tang, Song Books and Culture, Yuan, Ming books and culture, with the Dunhuang Studies in Buddhist literature, drama, literature and so the direction of opera. Classical Literature, Shanxi University, a graduate student about her professional experience, said that out of interest to apply this professional: "I feel to learn some basic disciplines, can knowledge, methodology, and so lay the foundation to cultivate the spirit of academic . If you are willing to eat the bitter three-year, sitting bench for three years, and serve dig into the future no matter what, no problem. " As an independent discipline, the only Chinese Classical Philology 20 years of development history. Many categories of Chinese classical literature, the content of the numerous and really need to ease suffering of the researchers. In general, research work is the collation of basic information, such as the total collection of literary works, ancient writers do not set the school point of Annotations, COLLECTIONS, New, etc.; writer, the work of finishing the basic historical research, such as writing biographies of writers, literary events chronology , was created in, and writing ability, and accounts of the evolution of schools and other research; the compilation of basic reference books such as dictionaries of ancient writers, literary works were recorded, word dictionary of poets, drama fiction slang dictionaries, literary classics books dictionaries, literature dating language dictionaries. These are all areas of the study of classical literature. Recommended institutions: Peking University, Beijing Communication University, Beijing Normal University, Fudan University, Huazhong Normal University, Shandong University, Shanxi University, Northeast Normal University, Nankai University, East China Normal University, Zhongshan University, Renmin University of China, Shanghai Normal University, Wuhan University Main courses: Classical literature morphology, ancient version of science, ancient Emendation BOOKS bibliography, notes ancient science, ancient textual research, ancient Discrimination Studies, recollect the classic books science, ancient compilation of science, ancient science search Human heritage and historical heritage of urban design Beijing's hutongs, plug it in Paris, River, "Flower Capital" of Florence, Venice Bridge of Sighs and the Roadway ... ... urban style has more meaning as the years goes by and heritage, beautiful and people yearn for. Cities are social, economic, technological and cultural development of the main carrier of the national heritage is an extremely important part of cultural heritage. Urban planning and design disciplines is the study of urban and regional development, urban planning and design and management of the built environment the application of discipline. The professional training in urban planning and design, architectural design, landscape design, construction project planning and design groups, and historical heritage protection and other basic theoretical knowledge, professional knowledge, with strong professional skills and higher overall quality of engineering technical personnel . "Let the city has a story to tell stories, to urban development, environmental planning and culture together, learning the history of urban design and heritage of our engineers, a historian, an artist, is Guoxue home." Admitted just this year Urban Planning and Design, Peking University Wang students in Shaanxi with his slightly accented Mandarin tells his understanding for the profession. He said that the construction and preservation in the process of urban development is perhaps the contradiction between a pair of hard to match. Building a successful often means a combination of various art, architecture as a monument to the years, in an era of building, often engraved with the brand of that era, the emotion of that time under accumulation, but also brings together the aesthetic vision of that era and fun. "The evolution of architectural styles from the city, the Discovery cultural vision, social customs and economic progress in the level of change, it is our duty and our responsibility." Recommended Institution: Huazhong University of Science, Peking University, Tsinghua University Main courses: Architecture, Urban Design Studies, building painting techniques, landscape architecture, construction project management, urban awareness training, planning and business practice, urban traffic planning and design, urban history and theory, the Chinese Classical Gardens Real estate economics of modern rhythm Chinese people have a vague land and a house of pure dedication, perseverance created the traditional real estate economics of the gate independent of the emerging discipline. "I am a candidate from Pingyao, Shanxi culture is well aware of past battles Merchants are out in many years, the purpose is to have a house, have stable life." Liu, Shanxi University, students from this understanding Chinese share of the land and the house dedication. When the traditional ways of thinking and modern society with a market economy, China's real estate industry will be rapid development of China real estate economics have been more professional attention. "Affordable housing should withdraw from the market?", "Can not afford low-income housing or housing prices too high?", "Levy a tax feasible?", "Eating the old reasonable unreasonable to buy a house?", "Step place or the gradient of consumption? "," economic feasibility feasible housing buy-back? "," Land tax levy is passed? "... ... these are the problems of real estate economics, with the actual situation of contemporary Chinese society close relative Union. "Most of the time, our professional postgraduate studies will not have any textbooks, the ever-changing real estate market is that we live cases and materials. China's real estate is very Chinese characteristics, we study a subject, most do not existing empirical results, some theoretical abroad for reference only, in the dark, exploring the difficulties of our profession, but also the charm of the profession. because here, you always have close contact and the real world, to understand China from all aspects real estate. " Recommended Institution: East China Normal University, Beijing Normal University, Tianjin University of Finance, Central University of Finance Main courses: real estate market, real estate economy, real estate appraisal, real estate marketing, property management, architecture, urban planning principles, real estate management and development, real estate investment and analysis, real estate brokers, real estate finance and accounting, real estate management project budget, the real estate laws and regulations