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Can play can rest notice psychological adjustment is taken an examination of gri
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Can play can rest notice psychological adjustment is taken an examination of grind successful mace of 10 big killer
1, complete absolutely the investment of door without offspring

When the office of father mother classmaster that waits for you to see a book leads friend of male and female to be unable to call to mind, when sufferring their hand, you are being stolen in the heart happy, you are taken an examination of this year grind have show. This are very difficult, a lot of person is the courage of without park deathtrap have a youthful look, go to work for outlook of dull class of bagatelle as above everyday and be in a state of anxiety, not was necessary completely! You want to know, one's deceased father went up graduate student, your future will have a turn greatly, the life of quiet not reconciled to will be gone to horizon by your one foot kick, it is the most important to be considered first.

2, cruel-hearted firm lung hates liver firm the vital organs of the human body

Most first firm, be opposite namely oneself, be willing to part with or use plays fierce base of firm hand kick to oneself, in those days the secret that to me place of subterranean Party member makes enrols the enemy, are not staying, return so that use the life from what learn to come in the film. Do not have a meal not to sleep, do not smoke not to drink not snack does not go to work not to attend class, want these only you can be accomplished, is the person that verify grinding road firm is gotten the better of not?

3, insanity study method

The author takes an examination of the form of this kind of action that when grinding, takes in those days. In those days politics of Lin Daizhao 800 problems, I did a many month to just read 229 pages, already arrived in those days October the middle ten days of a month, messy how also do not look, I one be angry, doing not have sunset night to bend over is the dead crack with teeth in mouth that red pen is black pen on the bed, the eye that get is unripe ache unripe ache. That defeats a book, more than 500 pages looked to be less than 15 days to be gnawed pull! Hit on the wall tick off, as ending earmark, error in the heart complacent. Learn what mad, you one mad, difficulty took you to was not treated.

4, can play can rest notice psychological adjustment

Oneself are taken an examination of grind this does not calculate the what inside short time to do not have practice to come out, drill namely come out one peaceful avalanche at before and the psychological quality of remain calm. Learn to return learn, study affirmation is very difficult, but if you impose a burden to him mentally again, mian of gain and loss of estimation morning and evening sleeps to be not worn the body is soft build. Does that read a book how such? Recommend hereby look to have intense mentality originally intense boost one's courage and comforted ego help book " the greatest salesman on the world " , this book will make you are laughing to spend take an examination of grinding hard time. Want to succeed only, cannot not read this book.
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