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Enter oneself for an examination Jinan university the first volunteer and prefer
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Jinan university survey

Jinan university only then built 1948, the province that is construction of Shandong province key belongs to omnibus university, have bachelor, master's degree to grant right, face countrywide recruit students. Build school come 60 years, great of school engrave " firm, erudite, demand the true, school standard to " of be apt to, inheritance " the school spirit of " of assiduous, rigorous, solidarity, innovation, carry on " to struggle difficultly, agglomeration up, with when all is entered, the spirit that goes after outstanding " , the talented person with already made place and progress of region economy society serious develops base, fostered more than 100 thousand graduate for the country.

The school establishs center of 2 21 institutes, education now. Have major of 64 undergraduate course, accredit of master's degree of course of course of 5 one degree, 61 2 degree is nodded, domain of accredit of degree of major of 4 projects Master, 30 course, major accepts personnel of coequal educational level to apply for master's degree, course major covers economics, law, pedagogic, literature, history, a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, labour to learn, medicine and management learn to wait for 9 course class. In school full-time this specialized subject is born, graduate student, student studying abroad 30000 more than person.

Master graduate student is favourable 2009 pay

1, every the first volunteer enter oneself for an examination the examinee of my school graduate student, accord with when admitting a condition will preferential admit;

2, the examinee that is admitted by my school, uniform enjoy bursar treatment;

3, the common fellowship that the graduate student that my school admits all can enjoy the school to establish, outstanding graduate student can win outstanding scholarship;

4, for promotive study achievement reachs the graduate student with scientific research outstanding achievement, the school sets award of award of achievement of science and technology, innovation of rainbow science and technology, Geleisi fellowship, bonus forehead is spent highest for 5000 yuan of RMBs;

5, innovation of graduate student science and technology can apply for to plan a project in school graduate student, attainable different level is aided financially;

6, the school offers every for outstanding graduate student the month comes 200 yuan of 600 yuan of pay aid grind, aid post of canal, assistant; The school offers the difficult allowance of certain amount for impoverished student.

Jinan university graduate student recruit students is professional 2009 catalog: Http:// Id=2122
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