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Kaoyan Survival Guide articles around the China Agricultural University
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As the chief of the choice of higher education, several schools in Beijing is the dream of a lifetime how many students come to an end, having gone through after losing a brief entrance, PubMed as the impact of people's dream of a second chance. And so it was Such a phenomenon around schools in Beijing, living like a group of special people, they come from all over the country, but they are nothing but the same goal - that something of this test to aspire to, but their heart was never into school And become part of the school sense of the word, which is prepared to live in schools around the research people. Most of these students are first came to Beijing, carrying the dreams of youth, but in real life, the living environment of their own they are not familiar with the review of the busy while also concerned about the living conditions, it is clear to many test Health and powerless. Million in the consolidated text of a number of schools Xuehai equipment around the survival of someone who has experience in research, based on the production of this survival manual around schools, hoping to come to Beijing to live outside the surrounding schools who have prepared research Help, the dream is not far away, we were off ... ... Approaching a century schools China Agricultural University, higher education is the origin of modern agriculture in China, directly under the Ministry of Education, is entering the national "211 Project" and "985 Project" of the national key universities. Zhen Qu Yuan is currently party secretary, Chen President Good. China Agricultural University, established in 1905 formerly known as the Imperial Agricultural University. September 1949 by the Beijing University of Agriculture, Tsinghua University, College of Agriculture and North China University of Agriculture and merged into the Beijing Agricultural University; the State Council in 1954 And the Beijing Agricultural University in 1984 as the national key universities and six national key construction of one of the ten institutions of higher learning. Yin country rich and strong agricultural-based. Agricultural University, Department of native human, suffering common people, for the realization of Chinese food and clothing for thousands of years and the rich dream spare no effort. Today's agricultural advantage of China Agricultural University to maintain discipline, the development of a variety of emerging Disciplines, is closely linked with the rapidly changing world, with the rapid technological pace, towards a comprehensive, research based, international goal. Walking to see In this forum, I will introduce you to turn the learning environment of China Agricultural University, accommodation conditions, mode and other convenient guide to class daily life tips. Let us look at while walking in the shortest possible time, to master agriculture Large living first hand. Are you ready? Then Come with me, Let's go!