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Hill is big 9 years the graduate student is withheld " at public expense " raise
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The message that belongs to next year of school graduate student to will collect fees in the round in the light of place of central ministries and commissions, today, shandong university expresses, original graduate student collects fees mode is changeless, still withhold ” of “ at public expense, will raise fellowship forehead to spend substantially at the same time.

According to introducing, shandong college graduate student fosters mechanism reform to begin to execute since 2008, but do not involve a student to admit a category to reach collect fees of policy fluctuant. Admit for the plan inside (blame is directional, directional) the graduate student enjoys school A kind school work fellowship, admit the graduate student that entrusts education for Shandong province government to enjoy B kind school work fellowship, a kind, B kind school work holder of a grant all is avoided receive tuition. According to this policy, the Master graduate student that this school admitted 2008 waits for professional degree except MBA outside, the student of about 90% need not pay tuition. 2009, this school graduate student does not hand in tuitional scale to still can increase somewhat.

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