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Delegate of graduate school of many 50 college of countrywide appeals graduate s
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Annual meeting was in joint meeting of dean of Chinese graduate school a few days ago 2008 Hangzhou is held, graduate school of many 50 college of countrywide represents the appeal, graduate student pay should rise considerably. Degree of the State Council does concerned controller to express: At present our country graduate student especially the doctoral student's pay is too low, bring about outstanding source of student to be short of break, attract outstanding source of student to should raise wage. 2009, our country graduate student fosters mechanism reform to will enlarge college of all affiliated to a ministry further.
Xu Zhihong of Beijing University president says, at present the research condition of Chinese university and circumstance of persons qualified to teach had bigger rise, but good student still recalls a state, graduate student pay is low be among them a reason, we should endeavor to let best undergraduate students leave home to read grind. “ graduate student is a special group, we appeal concerned branch can increase supportive strength, use up all method to raise the doctoral student's wage. ”

Our country begins to undertake the graduate student develops mechanism innovation from 2006, to Summer 2008 semester, already 47 colleges graduate school is carried out pilot. Delegate attending the meeting thinks, the graduate student is the highest arrangement that our country talent develops, the lasting effect that reforms a graduate student to foster a mechanism to need to build a graduate student to teach quality ensures mechanism and immanent and incentive mechanism, among them a main job is to build the award that can arouse a graduate student to study enthusiasm to help a system, and the funds with this many need makes safeguard, the funds that needs the school, course and teacher not only is devoted, need to increase financial to throw strength more. Degree of the State Council does relevant controller to say, prepare ability oneself in the school short-term inside below the premise that rises substantially hard, the funds investment that the country increases to be fostered to the graduate student becomes the important safeguard that new education mechanism runs continuously.

Chief says related Zhejiang university, begin from 2008 class, short for Zhejiang Province is greatly on the foundation that is not sum of on-the-job doctoral student to absolve education to expend entirely, increase the incentive strength of pair of outstanding graduate students, the doctoral student that rolls out “10% enjoys the 2500 yuan of allowance, doctoral student of 15% every year every months to enjoy the policy of 1750 yuan of subsidiary ” , the innovation that stimulated a graduate student on certain level is enthusiastic.

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