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China the phenomenon of overseas institutions increased Kaoyan choice when cl
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In recent years, Chinese students studying abroad at their own expense each year into the surge in momentum, but a large part of them chose to study counseling services for their visa applications for schools and other related procedures. Recently, the author in a number of education, studying the forum found that services for some students to study the recommended online there have been many complaints about the institutions, in particular, complained that the domestic service agencies to study the cooperation with overseas institutions led directly to overseas institutions the emergence of the "Chinese class" phenomenon, which is the class many students from China studying in the same environment as the school in the country. In this regard, the author interviewed understanding. ● Studying the market filled with uncertainties, "China Class" Recently, I visited several consulting services to study and found that the case against the author, the different intermediate students are given a very different plan. Forum back some of the students I found that some of the intermediary to the recommended schools and professional colleges are mostly run by foreign intermediaries and "cooperative project", users who are referred to as "Chinese classes." Consultation process to the agency, some consultants to tell reporters: "Our company and many schools have links abroad, to apply a greater chance of success." But when Bizhe that want to go to some high-end institutions, these advisory body to study the consultants said could try, but can not guarantee to apply to, and some are bluntly advised the author to apply some high-end institutions will not be successful. In this regard, I specifically asked a few have successfully been admitted to Chinese students overseas institutions, they are "Chinese classes," this statement is more experience, but also to the author introduced the so-called "China's Class" some of the features. The first is taking easy courses is relatively simple. It is understood that "China Class" and more to teach Lei mainly exists in the business, liberal arts, because many Chinese study in school and consulting services have a cooperative relationship, students apply for services by students in these schools is the probability of success large. That the curriculum is much simpler compared to other professional, to successfully graduate. Some other consulting services to study overseas institutions with a sign "x + x" in the cooperation project, the entire study to be relatively low cost. Second is "Chinese classes" do not exist in the top universities. Traditionally, study abroad counseling services will help students to apply for a number of schools and opened position according to the school grades, respectively, to apply to several high-schools, secondary schools and schools in low-end bottom. In general, the school co-operation project "China's Class" and more present in secondary schools and low-end schools. Apply to the way New York University students told reporters: "I applied seven universities, the New York University and the University of Illinois - Champaign University of targeting the high end of institutions for the sprint, but then you say they did not apply these two before college experience, is the first attempt, but fortunately, the final result was satisfactory, lessons and find that not many people, on the contrary, listen to some of the students in other institutions, said middle-class Chinese compatriots on the lot. " Third, become a truly international class "Chinese classes." It introduces users to study in Canada, there are a number of international recruitment for the international classes, students in China now are basically read, has become a veritable "Chinese classes." This class of language, teaching and professional-based, with teachers and schools to non-international courses are the same, so can not learn, or look at themselves. As far as I know, "China's Class" is common in Britain, the United States, Australia, Canada and other countries established abroad, especially in language and other liberal arts classes is more prominent. Some foreign commercial institutions proportion of international students enrolled population is proportional to the world, so causing the high side of the phenomenon of Chinese students. "Like in English translation, Tesol this profession, the professional must determine the nature of the majority of Chinese students, so students must first prepare themselves." Consulting services in a Canadian study in the Department of Wang said. ● planning agency recommended the credibility of study? A study in the domestic forum in August 2010 of a post, some students reflected to a domestic matters relating to education agents after consultation study in Canada is very frustrating. The average 85 students in studying the conditions of the applicants can claim to be above average, but the intermediary advisers thought that the international application for the University of Windsor classes may be able to successfully take the normal application procedures if so, to and from around the world with students from all over the competition, including Canada, the application is successful is unlikely. Soon the friends comments like: "This agency is clearly trying to get flicker of his specific project, so that he could make more money out." It is understood that almost every study abroad counseling services and some foreign institutions have established a "partnership", and some agency was commissioned to complete the formalities of other relevant bodies; while others use personal relations consultants to help students complete the application. Regardless of the conditions for students to come to the level of consultation, which will give priority to study counseling services recommend these "cooperative" and professional schools. Most students study abroad to find an intermediary for the reasons applications and related procedures, one service institution as students save a lot of trouble for themselves, and second, service providers and overseas institutions to study the "partnership" can make their applications more smoothly. Want to study medicine in 2011 the King of English student, said: "originally wanted to apply their own, but seeing so many complicated American professional content, is still hoping to find you, after all, people have more experience." King of the students originally wanted to study public health, but was recommended to learn more intermediaries Tesol (Teaching English as a Second Language) professional. "It is estimated that the profession is better to apply, the intermediary relationship in this respect it more," Wang said students. ● Expert view: Students should tradeoff analysis Students to study abroad counseling services the face of the recommended study plan in different am very confused, which, the experts recommended that students choose to study the actual conditions found their way. The "Chinese class" phenomenon, the Australian Agency for International Development of Education (IDP) of the Tao teacher pointed out that a growing number of Chinese students now go abroad for further studies overseas under the background of this phenomenon does exist. It reflects the needs of Chinese students studying abroad the strong. A number of cooperation projects between Chinese and foreign institutions in China also contributed to the students "get together" one of the reasons. Students in the selection of foreign universities on the one hand by a professional consultant advice, but we also need the website, alumni and other channels, as much as possible to understand the application of the institutions and professional situation, try to avoid as the major source of Chinese students studying institutions. The face of study abroad counseling services recommended by the different institutions or professional, the German Academic Exchange Center of Hinton teachers to remind students: "Not all students are able to ensure the agency fair and objective, so students can consult when the best from different sources to get information as much as possible to ensure the accuracy of the information; or directly contact the authority of government organizations. For Germany, the general partnership is more inter-school, that is, between the University and the University. " Australian Education International Development Agency (IDP) of the Tao teacher also pointed out: "Application for institutions not only depend on whether the school has a working relationship with an agency, the key is whether the school requires students to apply and meet the conditions for students. recommended for this type of intermediary institutions, the students not to blindly accept, and need not blindly exclusive, but there should be a clear head, use of the network were fully aware of the school. If consultants recommend all aspects of the institutions meet their own requirements and conditions Of course, acceptable. "