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Heat attention: Graduate student like a swarm of bees enters oneself for an exam
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Net of national official exam reported a name to begin, yesterday, the reporter manages in Chinese marine university, Qingdao the discovery of insular city college such as work college, enter oneself for an examination officeholder became undergraduates to meet almost the everyday expressions that greet sb, the person that there is nearly 20% in the undergraduate students has the plan that studies officeholder, and the graduate student of a few major enters oneself for an examination scale achieved 80% above.

Study heat build-up takes an examination of officeholder

Wei Lijun is major of business management of Chinese marine university 2006 class graduate student, she told a reporter yesterday, she and very much classmate think officeholder is a steadier work, and income is mixed social class is compared tall, enter oneself for an examination of purpose officeholder. “ says invite applications for a job can have not begun again, although do not have,apply for a job through taking an exam to also be not delayed. ” Xiaowei says.

As we have learned, wei Lijun is in class to share 30 graduate students, about 22 classmates will rise to begin to prepare officeholder exam September from this year. “ signs up to still do not have an end, enter oneself for an examination actually the number perhaps is returned much. ” Wei Lijun says, the post that business management major recruits in national official position is very few, she is preliminary make choice of a position of countrywide industrial and commercial federation.

The undergraduate students enters oneself for an examination amount to two into

It is reported, in a certain number of position of national official, those who suit graduate student of business management major to enter oneself for an examination is really very few, professional demand is very big related contrary Chinese, news, administration and law. Reporter from Chinese marine university law politics institute learns, this courtyard 4 major have 2006 class law more than 80 graduate student, almost all student takes an exam in preparative state official. Song Jiangtao of graduate student of 2006 class law tells a reporter, difficulty of national official exam is very great, a lot of classmates enter oneself for an examination national official regards as is training, the Shandong that the target of more person is next year saves exam of officeholder, Qingdao city official.

The reporter understands, attend officeholder exam than exceeding the graduate of 80% above at the graduate student, qingdao manage is versed in Du Fang's section chief represents office of obtain employment of college recruit students, the undergraduate students enters oneself for an examination scale can be achieved 20% the left and right sides.

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