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About taking an examination of with do not take an examination of -- wander in o
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About taking an examination of with do not take an examination of —— to wander in one's deceased father grind the 5 big crucial reason of the person that enter the mouth

1, the age: After afraid Master graduate student graduates, the age is too old, must face the real problem such as such as family, career. In active education actually system falls, graduation reads large to remain the way of the sparest time directly, in other words, the age in the Master classmate that graduation of the corresponding period is necessarily when our Master graduates is the smallest, remain in the talent that is the same as administrative levels the most competitive; And after graduation, build a family large perhaps is read when the career makes a contribution somewhat, get the confine of social part, paid additional price often bigger.

2, obtain employment: Take an examination of grinding still is for obtain employment, why on earth not now with respect to obtain employment? Obtain employment form is so nervous, master graduation still perhaps is inferior to the job that seeks now. This is the idea of one part classmate. My view is: The first, take an examination of the promotion that grinding is record of formal schooling not only, it is the promotion of administrative levels more. After the Master graduates, no matter horizon is mixed,professional actual strength can differ. Lukewarm city person most be good at be in business, the Jewish ” of so-called “ east, the lukewarm city person that generation becomes rich often high school did not read aloud to come out to enter the world, can be rich later, still want to send the child in the university. This is same argument; The 2nd, read large to mean new opportunity. The Master has a lot of invisible sth used to one's own advantage, often be ignored by people. For instance new, more the significant sth used to one's own advantage that this friend circle, classmate circle, alumnus encircles the high level often is your career progress. Lift again, for instance you read large in Beijing, the pass an entrance examination when very possible graduation the officeholder of some ministries and commissions, contrary from us present school graduates, this kind of opportunity is potential very little. The 3rd, read what large means start to rise. Undergraduate course obtain employment won'ts do a bit high now low not feeling, professional level is inferior to a Master, start work ability is inferior to high post. Actual undergraduate course obtain employment, only 7 % pass normal school unripe whole nation those who admit by examination is intense go all out kill enter educational field, and leave a town little little, majority enters villages and towns, salary 669 yuan; And those who enter the company that has dimensions relatively also is rare. The decision is not taken an examination of before grinding, whether do you have psychology to prepare to begin your career from such start?
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