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Gansu Province country of 100 undergraduates poverty teachs 4 years to will obta
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Wu Yongming) 100 division of Lanzhou university, northwest is old this year's undergraduate course are graduate, graduation hind is volunteer 2009 after teaching 3 years to school of country of the county that help deficient up, answer school the course of Master graduate student that accepts by a definite date 1 year, return again next teach formerly rural school works 1 year, need not attend countrywide Master graduate student to unite an exam, will obtain record of formal schooling of Master graduate student.

As we have learned, northwest division was recommended greatly 2009 " persons qualified to teach of rural education Master " plan 80, lanzhou university 20, recommend job signing up to already will spread out in the round on October 9, before November 14, with demand county Ministry of Education door autograph makes an appointment with " rural education Master is unripe " sign up to northwest Normal University dot spot affirms.

It is good for political thought quality to recommend object and requirement, have deep love for a country to teach the job, bachelor's degree is obtained when graduation, volunteer teach to school of country of the county that help deficient up, and arrangement of service of obedient and provincial education, final autograph is made an appointment with " persons qualified to teach of rural education Master " the undergraduate students of the plan must not enter oneself for an examination all took an examination of Master graduate student 2009.

According to the regulation, obtain " persons qualified to teach of rural education Master " the student that plans qualification of enter a school, after reporting for duty to rural school, according to the country the regulation gets pay and enjoy on-the-job teacher each welfare pay; Capture tuition is avoided during fostering school study, enjoy take the salary such as firewood and allowance of expenses of transportation going there and back.

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