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Took an examination of 2010 grind 5 kinds of information must master
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One's deceased father grind information says natively to be being taken an examination of each times is crucial resource without doubt, be had to it and use degree to affecting the difficult Yi Helu that for reference to take the volume of the opportunity directly. Take an examination of because of how is this collected in time grind information, collect why to plant the first class major issue that information became examinee to care.

One's deceased father grind information makes public degree to be able to be divided according to its to publish information and semi-overt information, public information is to point to the information that disseminates publicly through all sorts of channel, include policy of graduate student recruit students, professional catalog and recruit students general rules. Semi-overt information is not announced external normally, but examinee still can understand through special way, if professional content reachs a focal point, the content of interview reachs kind, the adviser is waited a moment to the student's preference. We grind with taking an examination of below level lists those who give pair of examinee to enter oneself for an examination for foreword, review and admit 5 kinds of when have close tie important information and different message to get way.

One's deceased father grind the collection of information consist in prepares to take an examination of grinding whole process. Different level has different job:

One, catalog of recruit students major

Catalog of recruit students major is to enter oneself for an examination reach the basis that revises a plan entirely, be in commonly annual the bottom will be announced by unit of each recruit students at the beginning of September in August, examinee should buy recruit students list in time with connection of recruit students unit, perhaps consult on its website, with deciding oneself finally enter oneself for an examination direction.

2, the exam content of communal class and problem

If the exam knowledge of politics, foreign language, maths is nodded and communal class asks to be in annual in June - by Ministry of Education exam center will is in July " exam outline " in make detailed provision.

3, the exam content of professional class and problem

What doesn't professional class basically have written review outline, and the bibliography that it involves may a lot of, this increased to review the difficulty that for reference, cross the school, examinee that crosses major especially, the requirement that grasps pair of professional lessons will get twice the result with half the effort.

4, second-round exam and adviser state of affairs

Begin from next year, major professional second-round exam will plan enter assembly accomplishment, increase its the weight used on a balance in admit, and the addition of second-round exam difficulty and the characteristic that its do not decide relatively make understanding second-round exam main content and means appear particularly important. Announce this respect case as a result of unit of very few recruit students at the same time, because this produces the asymmetry of information easily, the person that did not master this information will be in inferior position in competition. If can be in,for reference of course the adviser that enters oneself for an examination with oneself when process or second-round exam gets in touch, the preference that know adviser provokes a student to place will be very advantageous, can let you for reference second-round exam specific aim is stronger.
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