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The club drinks a times: Doctoral education ought to return to academic function
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Xiong Bingji

Domestic doctor teachs ● today, its are principal the function is not education science person with ability, satisfy a society to be opposite however " have doctor's degree talented person " need, bring about a doctor to teach dimensions to expand quickly, and quality glides quickly. Accordingly, need settlement problem most currently, it is to let a doctor teach a reservation " ordinary " academic function, from attend a college at all " reductive " to teach orgnaization, learning orgnaization, pursue educational value and academic value only

Just finish recently " gainer of American college doctor's degree reports integratedly " , to 2006 year complete beauty the setting of record of formal schooling of 45596 research doctor made an analysis, the result shows, "Produce " 3 American doctor's most schools are Tsinghua university 571 people, beijing University 507 people, school of component of interest of gram of California university uncle 427 people. The United States " science " magazine with " education of American graduate student: Number one doctor fosters the school now out China " carry for the problem civil, assimilate to of Tsinghua, Beijing University " the fecundest United States doctor develops base " . This print still is forecasted, in issueing 10 years to record, tsinghua, Beijing University also will be in " crop " on win out.

Does doctoral education of China go building the United States " car " ?

Degree of the State Council will do the data that publish to show this year in April, our country has a doctor to award the college of authority to already exceeded 310, and the United States has 253 only. 2006, the doctor that the United States trains has 51 thousand person, the doctor that our country trains already amounted to 49 thousand person; 2007, this number of China continues to rise, exceeded 50 thousand person.

the report of above United States, contrast the current situation that domestic doctor teachs undertakes an analysis, see a fact not hard: The graduate student that domestic famous college graduates, in succession assiduously study a doctor's degree to serve as the first selection that continues to take advanced courses to the United States, that is to say, domestic doctor education is not strong to the appeal of native and outstanding student. In recent years, the quality problem height that the society just teachs to domestic doctor each pays close attention to, even somebody offers education of doctor of close down country, go building American doctor to teach " car " .

Look in the author, doctor of close down country teachs curricular speech, be an extreme apparently, or " the language that pretends to be breathtaking " . Do not say the doctor teachs the value that to one country academic research and higher education develop for the moment (at the beginning of this is developing a doctor to teach, already obtained basic consensus) , with respect to reality character, doctoral education of the United States also cannot hold student of so much China " hitchhike " , besides, this " car " also not be " no use " . But the value of the function that domestic doctor teachs, existence and meaning, be worth to think over however.
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