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Not be everybody suits to take an examination of grind analysis of 3 gale risk
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Article section is chosen from books " one's deceased father grind strategy success battle " .

   One's deceased father those who grind break

alleged " the world does not have free lunch " , read a variety of grinding advantage for results, paying affirmation is no good, and not stick one's chin out also is impossible. So take an examination of grinding cost (opportunity cost) zephyr danger after all how?

1. One's deceased father grind / read grind how much does dominance cost know?

One's deceased father grind what dominance cost points to is to take an examination of grind the success is the whole thing should give how many money. Give out an Utopian computational case: For reference with 6 months time span, cross school enter oneself for an examination for exemple, meal expends 6 × 300 = 1 800; Rent 400 = of 6 × 2 400; Book is expended (all sorts of teaching material, reference book, data) say less to also want a flower 600; Cost signing up 150; Cost of second-round exam travelling expenses, accommodation, meal expends 1 000; Other 450... say less to also be more than 7 000 yuan! This still does not include a newspaper to coach the money of the class. Of course, this is a kind of Utopian costing only, say commonly to most person, cost won't be so high, check this school especially this professional student, this cost can be reduced greatly.

Read grind dominance cost is to point to read grind the money that needs expenditure. Closely related this and school and major. To Tsinghua, Beijing University, Chinese Academy of Sciences a kind of famous academy, tuition need not pay commonly during the graduate student, other treatment is good still also. Other the academy that collect fees also has quota of people of many at public expense, still many schools carry out fellowship to make, look the first year one's deceased father grind achievement, the study result platoon that looks the 2nd year the first year decides fellowship grade. Generally speaking, the student that obtains second-class fellowship above need not pay tuition, still have considerable extra allowance for living expanses.