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From " escape from prison " wait for drama of movie and TV to look contemporary
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Begin from the year before last year " escape from prison " in domestic popularity, the friend that likes beautiful theatrical work is constant will " be like Shen Ke save atone for " with " escape from prison " undertake comparative, two master and communal what to see identical and different. It is escape from prison together, or it is to be oneself, or it is to be a family member, but it is to be freedom. Although Andy and the hardship that Michael Er experiences are different, but two people are likewise,mix with wisdom insist to defy with retrorse force. Andy is successful or the freedom that got oneself, at the same time also lucky the friend that brought oneself; Michael Er still is holding to in, he is active up the spirit, strategy with wisdom get victory is already thorough popular feeling. Belief, plan, group is the dominant word of two drama together. If compare graduate student exam,doing is an escape from prison, how to use belief, plan, group to facilitate of another success " escape from prison " , it is to prepare to for reference the problem that the classmate that the graduate student took an exam 2010 ponders over urgently. Grinding experience is taken an examination of from my individual below, carry to everybody wake.

Take an examination of at the beginning of grinding, belief go ahead of the rest

" be like Shen Ke save atone for " and " escape from prison " hero people in the course that takes afore time and again be thwarted, but they insisted to come down, belief becomes them to overcome difficulty to step down the spiritual prop that go. Hero people not only not by crumple up, the part that acted a cat in predicament instead throws game and be happy among them. Had belief and insist to come down " a n experienced person " appear in offerred information the keyword with highest frequency,

The plan decides the speed of the footstep and way

" be like Shen Ke save atone for " and " escape from prison " the plan that male hero is considering escape from prison to there is careful before, before preparative take an examination ofing grinds, also be such. Preparation does not flow at the form, see study by oneself in scheduled time to also go up on the classmate study by oneself in scheduled time, but learned what does not know completely; The plan is impolitic, the content that reads today does not undertake several days reviewing; When reading a book, cerebrum rests temporarily the experience that etc is failure.

Use the information of intercept of contemporary communication tool of at hand actively, making reasonable and valid study plan is to take an examination of grind successful premise. According to him course content, one's deceased father grind the target is divided into short-term goal and long-term goal, in the light of Chankete the dot emphasizes particularly on somewhat arrangement reviews time, make the strategic plan of have a definite object in view. Besides the plan, establish a the basiccest idea even; The plan wants to change actively along with real environment. Everybody looks " escape from prison " the experience that can have profundity, michael Er although formulate the plan of careful, but regular meeting of the classics in the process of executive plan encounters new trouble, his meeting is made actively adjust, answer new challenge. One's deceased father grind as much such.
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