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New move makes quality of graduate student recruit students rise ceaselessly
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   Graduate student recruit students is the principal col that makes sure the graduate student fosters quality, because this builds effective recruit students mass,guarantee a system crucial. Pass the analysis to influencing factor, the author thinks, build recruit students quality to ensure a system to must be below the premise of quality target, build give priority to with the government, it is with the society complementary adjusting control supervisory mechanism and the organization that give priority to body with the school run a mechanism.

New move, quality of recruit students of hurried graduate student rises ceaselessly

- He Yiling of Cui Yimei of graduate school of Beijing forestry college

Master graduate student admitted by examination 2009 the job has begun, ministry of Education made clear the inflict of make plans of 3 reform emphasis that graduate student recruit students worked 2009 to highlight the choose of excellent talent. As the elapse of time, below the joint efforts of unit of country, recruit students and social all circles, the mechanism that improves quality of graduate student recruit students will be able to perfect ceaselessly.

From " 15 " begin, job of recruit students of our country graduate student got rapid development. "15 " during recruit a graduate student in all 1.325 million person, year all grow 20% , be " 95 " 3.3 times during, satisfied national economy to expand the demand to the talent, alleviated on certain level at the same time obtain employment pressure.

Thenceforth rises, job of graduate student recruit students undertook a series of reform and exploration: If put sincere letter and check of thought moral character in the first place, enhanced the check strength of the second-round exam, reduce first try course to come true " 5 change 4 " , pedagogic, history, medicine course of 3 class first try was adjusted 2007 it is 3, agronomy class undertook first try is reformed 2008, computer science and technical course also entered the range that first try reforms 2009, at the same time year after year increases second-round exam strength, increased further recommend avoid try unripe scale.

The reform that graduate student recruit students works, reduced examinee for reference burden, make examinee pays attention to ABC and skill more accumulate and rise, improved quality of source of student, attract graduate of more and outstanding undergraduate course to avoid at the same time try enter graduate student study, recruit students quality of the graduate student improved on whole. Country of this one period still publishs oriented sex policy, drew specific crowd enter oneself for an examination, take an exam alone like what execute for a long time recruit students policy, strong army plan of Tibet of teachers of plan, country, aid, the prosperity that was stimulative nation solidarity and minority area 2006 develops, accelerate the education of talent of backbone of minority high administrative levels, national spy make known to lower levels " talent of backbone of minority high administrative levels " recruit students plan. Anyhow, the country is in job of graduate student recruit students work around the reform that increases recruit students quality to undertake never discontinuous over- .
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