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Tsinghua Master is oppugned to AIDS village when village official by the netizen
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Wei Huawei of graduate of 08 class Master goes to Tsinghua university actively village of building of article of county of the Cai on Henan becomes village officer, a month is only 600 multivariate salary. After our newspaper of this matter classics reports (on October 15) of edition of our newspaper A14, by home each big door website and Tsinghua news network are reprinted, cause wide attention, netizens react differ, have praise, support, also have oppugn and object.

   Netizen heat is discussed

Proponent: His alternative is respectable

One goes up Cai county netizen says he just sits together to had attended a meeting with Wei Huawei, say can with knowledge prescient Wei Huawei makes a colleague, feel very proud in the heart. Another body is in of Jiangsu on Cai Wangyou thankses to Wei Huawei, hope he can make success in these a few years, bring more changes to article building village. Two netizens of Hunan and Nanjing say: "We experienced his sureness, the person that there can be this kind of idea now is honest not much, cheer, hold to oneself road. Hold to oneself road..

A bosom changes a netizen to say frankly oneself are not done, also believe Wei Huawei makes this decision through cogitative ability. Netizen of an undergraduate students thinks anyway, wei Huawei's decision needs courage, your person admires. Netizen of a Tecent thinks the person has keep in mind each, want to value Wei Huawei's option, want to be able to be society and other make bit of contribution only, his life is valuable. A netizen of Shanghai that once had become village officer plaints, had taken comer, can know that is how hard. Shenzhen a netizen plaints say, if most village has such official, china rises abruptly to still have what problem.

Still have quite one part netizen puts forward doubt and crosscurrent, think Wei Huawei nots worth when village official when, it is waste one's talent on a petty job, cannot find the job to just go, it is the official that take a village when gangplank. A netizen of Nanjing says Wei Huawei can find a good job completely, get end why to a poor village. Ground of the words mean more than they say of a netizen says Shaanxi: "Obtain employment pressure is great, grabbing rice bowl. " a Tecent is faceless the netizen thinks: "The political purpose of this person is self-evident, do not issue basic level to gain political sth used to one's own advantage namely! " netizen of a Shanghai says more directly: "He is to go aureate, turn circuit is answered above with respect to win promotion and get rich. Turn circuit is answered above with respect to win promotion and get rich..

More netizens made rational analysis, think " important is later what is Wei Huawei doing 3 years, what to do " .

  Should the undergraduate with appropriate choose becomes village officer

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