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Heat is hot judge: Female doctor chooses the United States is not what evildoing
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The near future, one is held inside garden of senior colonel of short for Zhejiang Province " school is beautiful " , " officer is female " selection activity, drew the attention of a large number of students. Report name, network to poll through the net poll with the spot, share 8 schoolgirls and 4 schoolboys to be elected " school is beautiful " , " officer is female " . Among them a female doctor is seleted informatics courtyard finally, obtain the richest affinity award. (Zhejiang " now morning paper " on October 14 message)

Notable, not be the doctor is elected as school beautiful itself of course, the fleer sound close to lean to one side is commented on on the net however. Major netizens point out not without acerbic ground, doctoral choosing beauty is not attend to one's proper works or duties, think doctor should conscientiously ground goes doing knowledge, finish school, and should not participate in these to choose beautiful activity peripherally. Also the netizen thinks this action affects individual school work not simply, and the likelihood builds generation to the school spirit of the college and style of study bad influence. The doubt of netizens appears not without the truth, but this doubt reputation is a little big rather however and change, fan out from point to area, returned formalist and slashing private school to teach way only it seems that, just be educational development is lineal.

Contemporary education cannot make photograph comparing with the imperial examinations that gets an unimportant official post to seek of course, but the integrated quality that trains a person, make its are had get used to society and the basic ability that participate in a society, I think this ability is the purpose with current the mainest education. Chose a certain major to go black with respect to a road, also have rather some too formalist. The fact also proves may not all doctors come out to be able to become this home of that home, also stipulate without that law the doctor graduates to must close his in the house, have to end becomes knowledge via hoary head. Pace of land of Beijing University talent highs street sells the meat, some leaves Jiangsu heart doctor opens restaurant, it is best proof. Look in us, want to be able to choose a kind of healthy way of life only, go face life and society leisurely, what major is not important, what record of formal schooling also more not important.

Respect the right choosing the United States of female doctor, be us actually one of standard with this the basiccest society. Want not cloggy another person only, attribute the activity of lawful health, our society should be held in the arms to everybody with lenient attitude. Respect the right of person freedom, healthy progress, it is the esteem to human nature. Although somebody thinks more and more now all sorts of choosing beautiful activity, can cause certain negative effect to development of whole society culture, but look in us, let more had accepted higher education, have certain knowledge accomplishment and humanitarian and cultural adult to participate in similar activity, always quit school work than letting those, the minor that an idea thinks to be gotten into recreation to encircle goes culture of dominant masses recreation is more active.
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