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Character: Female doctor is elected as school flower to be offended after all on
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The near future, one is held inside garden of senior colonel of short for Zhejiang Province " school is beautiful " , " officer is female " selection activity, drew the attention of a large number of students. Report name, network to poll through the net poll with the spot, share 8 schoolgirls and 4 schoolboys to be elected " school is beautiful " , " officer is female " . Among them a female doctor is seleted informatics courtyard finally, obtain the richest affinity award. (On October 14 " now morning paper " )

Hold in the university " school is beautiful " , " officer is female " choose, it is the undergraduate amuses oneself in a kind inside after school time originally. Conduct similar selection activity, can abound an undergraduate to live on one hand, make as dry as a chip insipid study the life becomes much appearance is colorful; What can exercise undergraduates on one hand additionally is self-confident, reveal its to people youth is beautiful beautiful at the same time. Had these profit, should do not have any controversy but character. And nowadays the participation because of a female doctor, people censures inscrupulously unexpectedly to this rise.

In eye of a few people, the life of female doctor is live a secluded life be confined to immerses oneself in learning to consider, if socially " show one's face in public " , belong to " not attend to one's proper works or duties " . Actually, it is like school female doctor and other undergraduate, live at university campus, study at university campus, they belong to the undergraduate's a member. Hold inside university campus " school flower " " officer is female " choose, nature is each undergraduates can sign up attend. Since the undergraduate can attend, female doctors are qualified the right attends. Female doctor besides study, research, the amateur that has oneself likewise lives. The spare life that lets oneself is a bit richer, enter a few extracurricular activities, have why inappropriate? days female doctor is whole hide in the lab, is be far from a society to be far from a crowd normal phenomenon?

The behavior of female doctor meets with repeatedly censure, investigate its depth reason or a few people exist to the female bias. And the female to tall record of formal schooling, it is to have bias already, again some kind of acidity psychology is in cause trouble. Bias, because the doctor is a female; Acidity psychology, because this female is a doctor. No matter be hallowed,still be demon change, people is done not have namely unluckily to the view of female doctor " normalization " . So, when a few people not with " normalization " when eye goes seeing female doctor, the doing of female doctors, how can " normal " ? Even if your whats did not work, wanted you to affix only " doctor " label, because this draws on a few people's abnormal look and censure,also meet. Author: Xia Yucai

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