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Graduate student of school of affiliated to a ministry fosters complete reform t
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhou Yimei) according to Ministry of Education degree management and graduate student education manage vice director Guo Xinli disclosed yesterday, report of quality of doctor of domestic head portion has had ending level, hopeful is referred formally in the end of the year, after the course is revised finally, will announce external. Additional, begin from next year, reform of mechanism of graduate student education goes to promotion all central ministries and commissions belongs to a school, encourage each to save city municipality to choose a province to belong to colleges and universities to develop innovation at the same time pilot job.

According to introducing, the core that mechanism of graduate student education reforms is an adviser be in charge of make and be being aided financially make. Assessment, action will be chosen to give birth to plan allocation, adviser to rely on scientific research to work to be offerred for the graduate student through adviser qualification after reform aid financially and aid grind the mechanism such as post, the close together union that implements scientific research and graduate student education. After executing an adviser to be in charge of making, requirement adviser is had to the graduate student aid financially and direct responsibility while, the adviser also has more power in recruit students and training course.

About report of doctoral student quality, guo Xinli points out, the report surveyed 80 thousand sample in all, for the dimensions on the world the biggest investigate with the type. To reflect the assessment of unit of choose and employ persons to doctoral quality, this so quality investigates what specially has human affairs department to participate in. This diagnoses the medicine that is a not evasive problem form report. The basis investigates indication doctoral quality case, ministry of Education is designing guarantee system of quality of a graduate student at present.

Current, the teachers and students of domestic doctor graduate student compares it is on average 1: 5, approach foreign level. Ministry of Education is current catch a graduate student to foster quality to regard as key, guo Xinli pointed out on the meeting yesterday, nonexistent do not repair course to rely on a paper to take degree only " paper Master " and " paper doctor " , although be opposite,leader cadre study also won't have special treat. Take degree to must pass degree exam again, degree exam percent of pass of these a few years has 40% to control only.

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