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Premonitory: 14 days of Fudan University grind action do a leader online answer
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Know each officer better to help extensive candidate for an entrance examination 2009 policy of graduate student recruit students, Sina teachs channelJointly10 thousand article learning the seaRoll out ceremoniously " the college grinds action do complete contact " series interview activity, to you opportunity and college grind action do a teacher to communicate face-to-face, get information of newest recruit students.

On October 14 afternoon 13: 00-13: 45, recruit students of Fudan University graduate student does prexy of software of director Mr. Wu Hongxiang, Fudan University chatting room of honored guest of net of sina of be a guest of Mr. Liu Gang, introduce Fudan University 2009 policy of graduate student recruit students, solve netizen doubt.

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