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Talent of backbone of minority high administrative levels planned to grind 2009
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   2009 " talent of backbone of minority high administrative levels plans " recruit assiduously study general rules of master's degree graduate student

Fulfil to carry out " country of Ministry of Education develops innovation appoint national civilian appoint ministry of human affairs of Ministry of finance about fostering the opinion of talent of backbone of minority high administrative levels energetically " (teach civilian 〔 2004 〕 5) reach " the 5 ministries and commissions such as Ministry of Education develop minority high level about < of print and distribute, career of progress of solidarity of nation of stimulative our country and minority area build the implementation of target of comparatively well-off society in the round, quickly western minority area development offers strong person with ability and intelligence to prop up, the decision is begun recruit talent of backbone of minority high administrative levels to assiduously study master's degree graduate student to work.

Recruit students of talent of backbone of minority high administrative levels plans to be a country directional education is special recruit students plan, the plan recruited 3700 Masters graduate student 2009, recruit students task appoints a school to assume by Ministry of Education. Be not in principle of on-the-job personnel scale not to exceed 50% .

   One, develop a target

Lead and defend ethical solidarity and country socialistic system, sturdily what education supports a Chinese Communist sturdily unified, aspire is western big development and service of ethical region development; The technical knowledge of solid fundamental theory and system masters inside this door course, have the advanced and technical talented person that is engaged in scientific research, education, management or independence loading expertise job ability and innovation spirit.

  2, recruit students policy

Recruit students job is pressed " directional recruit students, directional education, directional obtain employment " principle, adopt " enter oneself for an examination of one's own accord, unified exam, proper fall alone and cent, unified underline " special measure.

3, recruit students source of student

Limits of source of student: Western 12 provinces, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, hainan province, xinjiang production builds large unit, heibei, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang place of autonomy of 4 provinces nation, group of autonomous prefecture of Hunan West Hunan, Home Zhang (enjoy western the one county of policy two areas) , Hubei favour applies autonomous prefecture, base of education of preparatory of minority of school of class of outback Tibet class, outback Xinjiang high school, people, college and ethical Master foundation groom the teacher of base and administrator.
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