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Place of central ministries and commissions belongs to school graduate student 9
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Guo Shaofeng) begin next year, place of central ministries and commissions belongs to a school all graduate students pay tuition, strive for fellowship next. This is a content that mechanism of graduate student education reforms, a data that Ministry of Education provides shows, this reform general belongs to a college to ministries and commissions at be being popularized in the round next year.

The data discloses, the core that this mechanism of graduate student education reforms is an adviser be in charge of make and be being aided financially make, all students want pay tuition, the grade of academic scientific research that passes oneself next extends fellowship. The pilot job of this reform begins from 2006, in those days 3 colleges such as Harbin Institute of Technology take the lead in beginning. Added last year reach 17, popularize the college that sets the graduate school this year.

After reform, will adopt with funds of scientific research task, scientific research link up with and adjust an adviser to aid financially the method such as the standard, amount of recruit students of adviser of effective adjusting control and course (or institute) recruit students dimensions. In the meantime, perfect graduate student award helps a system after reform, through all sorts of fellowship, stipend, innovation and give aid to the way such as fund, the award that increases pair of graduate students is aided enclothe face and award to help a system, reduce student burden.

Ministry of Education is encouraged at the same time, province of choice of municipality of each province city belongs to colleges and universities to develop innovation pilot job.

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