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Heibei enters oneself for an examination minority key member planned notice of M
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1, examinee by " enter oneself for an examination 2009 " minority key member plans " registration form of examinee of Master graduate student " teach high to office of Heibei province education place after dealing with qualification test formalities, hold this person Id original, photocopy and registration form to save place of recruit students of graduate student of educational exam courtyard to get desired result signing up to pile up to Heibei. Examinee must land website of recruit students of Chinese graduate student to 31 days on October 10, 2008 (network address: undertake Master graduate student signed up on the net 2009.

2, when signing up on the net " special plan " one column should choose " minority key member plans " , hint according to playing the window that give the input sends his desired result signing up the stack next, concerned information fills in according to the facts after referring, make sure the net signs up for information content and registration form information to agree, to the examinee with conflicting information, will cancel to its sign up and take an exam qualification.

3, Heibei province is received " minority key member plans " the dot signing up of special plan is " Heibei saves Shijiazhuang city to make rich China district court does " , code of dot signing up is 1315.

4, after the net signs up for an end, ask examinee to make rich at will arriving to 14 days on November 10 office of China area recruit students undertakes taking a picture, the spot affirms, the candidate for an entrance examination that does not undertake the spot affirms, the net reports an information to disable.

Heibei province teachs point of recruit students of exam courtyard graduate student

On September 10, 2008

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