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Make timeline watch take an examination ofing grinds review see Olympic Games ne
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Wuhan university grinds 3 students are young pieces to take an examination of greatly this summer vacation did not come home, stay in the school to review however, but Olympic Games match also cannot be delayed. For this he is made up designedly gave list of a timeline, fine to with minute will arrange time, strive for one's deceased father grind Olympic Games neither by accident.

To let stay school undergraduate can watch Olympic Games program in time, wu Dadi classroom of multimedia of 5 education building is particularly open, round-the-clock broadcast Olympic Games match. Yesterday morning 11 when half, the reporter came up against Xiaozhang here. When he runs into the door breathlessly, just be project of the first match finishs Yang Wei satisfactorily, a jubilation in the classroom, small Zhang Hai has not enough time to sit down, attack palm photograph to celebrate with the classmate on the side.

Xiaozhang tells a reporter, he just ran from school library. Grind to take an examination of, he everyday time has been arranged very completely, a day of 3 eat, nooning with minute will arrange for the unit. But the Olympic Games came, consider repeatedly, xiaozhang decides the bit by bit squeezes time to watch.

He is the schedule that downloaded all matches from the net first, stoke the competition that gives oneself to like, arrange next everyday in watch of work and rest. Next, he moved self-study site school library from the dormitory, such OK reduce the journey time that arrives at a classroom to see an Olympic Games 7 minutes.

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