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Scientific arrangement is taken an examination of grind review time to avoid exc
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Before long, it is among people popular a such belief: A person is OK " want to do what to do, want what to have, want what to become " ... although be put in this kind of possibility, but really not quite actual. In real life, must choose somewhat. Your all one's life target (want what to do, what to become, what to have, what to contribute) the alternative that decided you, produce effect in each target sort. Accordingly, a lot of students for dreamy honor permits no turning back chose to take an examination of grind. But grind to taking an examination of target of this short-term study and long-term individual goal, a lot of examinee do not understand how to deal with however. Put study end before individual target sometimes, sometimes first place of individual target park, what often can cause a plan so is unbalanced with exhaustion excessive. We should be measured the balance is acquired between study target and individual target, is not bring about exhaustion because of this excessive.

When you immerse oneself in study not to know to rest, can produce excessive exhaustion. The outstanding performance of excessive exhaustion, its reason and symptom are not had very difference. Fatigue, be tired of, pressure, these are the evidence of excessive exhaustion. If can be in,rest between acquire a balance, conduce to avoid excessive exhaustion. Accordingly, examinee people the time that needs to plan academic review not only, also need to had planned rest time. The rest that resting can be amusement (the study job that drops at hand, do bit of interesting thing, resemble listening to the) such as music, be good at fitness, the rest that also can be functional sex (from the work changes a job to) . For instance, want you to still have energy only, can stop to do mathematical exercise in school work, change direction read English book, can increase interest so, produce the feeling that ends the mission.

Avoid additionally one kind of method of excessive exhaustion, be flexibility preserves between daily plan. If your plan is too nervous, the target is finished hard, also produce achievement to feel hard. Because fail to complete self-ordained plan, took a lost battle first in mentally.

So, how should taking an examination of tensely after all grind in reviewing, avoid excessive exhaustion? We suggest, examinee uses a style on his time government.

"The time that masters oneself " , while the meaning is achieving a goal namely, have a good time. Its are true meaning -- in learning the job as far as possible best experiences the life. For this purpose, no matter how you are him set target, no matter how you are yourself,also conclude schedule, want you to run your time with his style only, each days can make the one part that you live truly.

Applied style government time to reflect your study method. When you learn with the style that your likes and thinking, can feel relaxed and comfortable. When you learn with a kind of style that your does not like, can feel study is very demanding, need expends more time, even all of body and mind is exhausted. Accordingly, the study style that identifies oneself applies it to run time, in can improve study efficiency while, also reduced study burden, avoided excessive exhaustion effectively.
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