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Escape take an examination ofing grinds review 3 big errors to help you pursuit
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Time arrived by July, of aggrandizement phase review more and more thorough also, the arrangement on time and intensity also is mixed the weather of this midsummer is same hotter and hotter. But be in macroscopical below the circumstance that plan as a whole, also many classmates are existing on the detail of each division more or less unwary, it is wrong train of thought even. Here is a bit Baconian simpler, hope to be able to remind to everybody, bring think ancient bronze mirror, correct in time.

Political error

One of errors: Politics need not in advance starts work, before outline comes down, need not spread out review, carried on the back early also can forget.

Dot analyse: An any course, review the 3 results that all over and review absolutely won't same. Begin a bit earlier to see politics so, what can look everyday at first is a bit less, economize to avoid running short, strength is increased again when final sprint, can finaller than staying ability begins do a crash job, carry book back on the back to be close friends to the effect of keck. And Ma Zhe and politics classics part, annual outline changes very won't big, these two classes pay attention to understanding quite, can review these two first before outline comes out, the intellectual dot of understanding is forgotten not easily also. If go up,coach the word of the class, the prepare lessons before class before the class is met to the understanding on the class and memorial help bigger.

Of the error: Political back back goes, it is easier to take an examination of a pass mark, need not become a problem in great quantities.

Dot analyse: Actually politics is in every year the area graduation on subjective problem is not big, what decide your success or failure truly still is choice title. And want to choosing to go up high to divide even full marks, after you need to solve each knowledge to nod in serious run, do many exercises aggrandizement training. Analyse the answering question point of the problem and train of thought namely, also need certain exercise, ability is Baconian of summary pertinent, more accurate.

Check grinding competition now more and more intense, the requirement to politics just also cannot pass line or pass mark, classmate politics has those who take an examination of this year, difference of these more than 30 minutes, relying on other courses is made up for very hard. So politics also needs high component.

Of the error: Politics need not look at ordinary times, last detain before taking an examination of inscribe a class, pass a barrier is no problem for certain.

Dot analyse: Sign up for a detain to inscribe a class finally, to holding a key, aggrandizement sprint has certain help, but the risk is very big, absolutely cannot too superstitious, place the hope it is above it. "Cultivated a minute of results " , ideal achievement or the study that should rely on to be free from anxiety at ordinary times are accumulated.
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