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Take an examination of those who grind to had begun to enter insecurity to prepare for war now level, but still partial classmate still does not know how to should be arranged review time. To this, we are solved with respect to accord of two main problems here, the hope is right examinee people help somewhat.

1, when to begin to review. When to begin to enter review position? Someone says to be jumped over earlier sufficient, someone says to jump over negligent earlier, also be opinions differ from each other. We discover on the foundation that investigates extensively, take an examination of in the light of what differ grind type, entering reviewed optimal time is different. Cross major should start of school the earliest, of this professional this school can a few later. We are opposite a large number of taking an examination of below grind the beginning that the summary after interview of the person that succeed comes out prepares to take an examination of grinding time:

4 kinds differ one's deceased father grind of the type review timeline:

Type Difficulty Optimal begin time Had better not be later than This professional this school enters oneself for an examination Lesser Big 3 semester Big 4 before summer vacation This major is crossed school enter oneself for an examination General Big 3 last term Big 3 semester Cross professional this school to enter oneself for an examination Bigger Big 3 last term Big 3 semester Cross major school enter oneself for an examination Very big Big 2 semester Big before 3 winter vacation

2, overall review the time allocation between each division

Once begin,review, review time to be between each course to with respect to drag in how distributive problem. We think, want to follow the principle that outstanding key, weak sports tilts, join oneself real case, avoid by all means " equalitarianism " for instance English is a strong point, maths is weak sports, so mathematical time is about to be arranged more a few; Cross major to enter oneself for an examination for instance again, of so professional class review be about to arrange many time.
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