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Administrative take an examination ofing grinds 3 kinds of balances that review
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Each are taken an examination of grind the person is a controller actually, ego palm accuses, hold time. However, controller is not charmer, taking an examination of impossible without foundation creates a miracle on grinding journey. The decision of neither one controller is hundred correct, contain judgement of tendentiousness, individual and the restriction of all sorts of actual conditions necessarily in the process that makes a decision. Accordingly, how had managed you one's deceased father grind time can say is a kind of art, the art of a kind of balance. But, do not be equal to equalitarianism evenly, not be to take care of square field surface, the energy with equational finite human body, accept or reject somewhat however, meticulous and considerate concentration.

One, arrange moderate, distribution is equitable

One's deceased father grind to most student talk time is more nervous, accordingly, some examinee from give oneself very great pressure at the beginning, increase full horse power everyday, besides have a meal, sleep the almost all time that go " consecratory " gave one's deceased father grind career, the result often is time does not grow to feel physical strength, energy is essential be unable to stand, consider a head to ignore remaining part like alluvion ostrich, before the pine after tightening, become other fellow student finally sprint when oneself are unable to do what one wants very much to do however, be anxious but unable to do anything. Believe this its Central Plains because not character is axiomatic -- ego take an examination ofing grinds the art that good balance did not master on time government.

If why be being taken an examination of,grind the balance holds on this single-plank bridge, the key is sound program, macroscopical layout, fine point begins. Want to make the reviewing with far fixed length plan above all, allocate an issue because of what this matters to energy, arrange moderate, get twice the result with half the effort; Processing is undeserved, all one's previous efforts wasted. To this, can adopt the method of successive, undertake reviewing according to normal in the past study time first, next gradually little increases, reach maximum to final sprint phase, assure the enough investment of energy. Next, should make clear " many a little makes a mickle " truth, a water also can reflex the brightness of the sun, because this must not reach for what is beyond this grasp. The each pace in reviewing a process should fall in real point, otherwise again the plan of stand high and see far just also is worn one pair for nothing, via rising " carry out " test! E.g. , the time that can use early morning reachs the school or all round quieter garden, arbor takes a walk, word back a back and a few better English literary workses, such, already can edify disposition, enhance vigor of a day to peak value as soon as possible, can make full use of again time undertakes those who grind taking an examination of review, what is there against it.
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